Your guide to - Friar Gate Railway Bridge.

News on the petition to Restore Friar Gate Railway Bridge.
September 2015 - Its been quite a while since I updated the news section, a lot has happened since then. The most important thing is that progress is finally being made. A group was formed "Friends Of Friar Gate Bridge" which is now a registered Charity (No. 1163174), I am one of the trustees of this group. A new website will be launched soon.

06-10-2010 - I have been spending many hundreds of hours in the last two months working on a project to map out everything in the world that has been produced in Derby by Andrew Handyside and my world map has been mentioned in todays Greater London Industrial Archaeology Society October newsletter. You can have a look at my project here : Andrew Handyside and Company World Map of item locations. I am still building this map up but its going quite well so far !

19-08-2010 - Been a while since I've updated this site, sorry about that. I have just updated the Your comments page with 296 new comments.

17-10-2008 - I have not had time to update this feature for several months now but I have been collecting lots of information ready to do so. Including buying an Antique book by Handyside, visited Albert Bridge in London and Some of Handyside's work thats in Manchester. Hopefully I will find time soon to get all of this online.
The Petition is still building in numbers, Currently 642 people have signed it.

20-03-2008 - Article in the Derby Evening Telegraph about time running out for Councils Mick-Mack route plan.
We now have 529 signatures on the petition!, thanks to all who have showed their support so far. At signature 490 we have non other than Peter Oakley, better know as geriatric1927 (well known star of youtube).

13-01-2008 - I have just added 40 new comments to the your comments page.
17-01-2008 - I have just added a your comments page.
11-01-2008 - I have just created a full route map of the former GNR Derbyshire Extension on the new Maps page.
We now have over 400 signatures on the petition!

02-01-2008 - Letter from Derek Latham in todays Derby Evening Telegraph.
17-12-2007 - Letter from John Orgill in todays Derby Evening Telegraph.
05-12-2007 - Derek Palmer (The well known local author) has signed the petiton and has said "The council had signed an agreement to paint and renovate the bridge every 7 years, It has been 14 years since it last received a coat of paint".
02-12-2007 - Reached the 100 signatures mark.
30-11-2007 - Letter in the Derby Evening Telegraph by Geoffrey Alcock.
29-11-2007 - Added 360x180 degree photographs in flash format for those who do not want to install QuickTime. Both QuickTime and Flash versions can be viewed by clicking on the interactive maps.
This site listed in todays Derby Evening Telegraph Bygones.
27-11-2007 - Added 2 more 360x180 degree photographs.
23-11-2007 - Created the online petition to get the bridge restored.
10-11-2007 - First letter I have seen in the Derby Evening Telegraph about the state of the bridge.



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