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Andy Savage

I started this petition to get Friar Gate restored back in 2007, here we are in September 2013 and still nothing has been done. The council installed some protective netting three years ago due to bits falling off it! Apart from that nothing has been done so far. In the last few years I have spent thousands of hours on researching the work of Andrew Handyside, creating a dedicated blog to him. A world map and a dedicated Handyside Flickr group. I was even invited to the official re-opening of his King's Cross bridge in Hampshire. There are so many bridges, fountains and railway stations out there around the globe that are being restored and yet the very place that these were all made can't even be bothered to look after his bridge, its pretty terrible. Something needs to be done soon before its too late.

Maxwell Craven

By taking it on through purchasing it for £1 from BR, the Council has an obligation in law to prevent it from deteriorating. If it gets much worse it could easily end up on the English Heritage Buildings at Risk Register, which would be v. embarassing for the Council. Furthermore, as the controlling authority, they know that they cannot serve a repairs notice on themselves over it, so are basically immune from prosecution if it deteriorates. Thus they have an extra responsibility to avoid getting into that position.

Derek Palmer
During the 60s a lot of Derby was lost, development was needed & space had to be made for better things, we were told! Buildings such as the Mayors Parlour,Coliseum,Assembly Rooms,King Street,Chapel and the Nottingham Castle were lost. So we need to make sure that the best of what we have left, does get looked after so future generations can see them. The council had signed an agreement to paint and renovate the bridge every 7 years, It has been 14 years since it last received a coat of paint

Mark Higginson
This bridge is a very important part of Derby's history and a very visible feature in its premier conservation area; its present rundown appearance reflects badly on the City's image.

Mr Anonymous, derby, derbyshire, UK
"A marvellous railway bridge which must be restored to its former glory"

Mr Tony Ruff, Derby, UK
"For over a 100 years Derby was one of the most important centres of foundry activity in the world. Before their acrimonious closures Qualcast and Leys were the largest foundries of their kind in Europe and along with the likes of Rolls-Royce and Parker Foundry etc inherited the specialised skills and culture left by their Victorian forbears. Andrew Handyside and his Britannia Foundry were not merely bridge builders, they were architectural artists and masters of their ironworking crafts"

Mr Dave Croft, Derby, UK
"an iconic feature of the City of Derby

Mr John Lowrie, Willington, Derbyshire, UK
"I fully support this project and urge others to do so"

Mr Michael Clamp, Derby, Derbyshire, UK
"With the demolition of Derby Locomotive Works, and lots of other well designed and built railway buildings in and around the City I think that Derby has already lost too much of its Railway Heritage after all the modern Industrial Derby was built on Railways. Handyside was a great Derby Company as well!!"

Mr Neil Hart
"The preservation of our heritage is vital. The contribution of the Andrew Handyside should not be ignored."

Mrs Diane Cowley, Derby, derbyshire, UK
"something worth saving its a derby landmark and should be lovingly restored."

Mr John Cowley, Derby, UK
"I am very interested in historical Derby, and I do not want to lose yet another one of our iconic sites. As a young boy I travelled from Friargate Station to Skegness."

Mr Ben Haynes, Derby

Mr Christopher Harris, Derby, UK
"This bridge is so important to Derbys industrial heritage as Andrew Handysides work is to be seen all over the world. It would be shameful if we allowed one of his most famous works was allowed to rot in his own hometown."

Colm Fanning, Dublin, Ireland

Mr Ken Strachan, Nuneaton, Warks, UK
"A wonderful structure forming an elegant "gateway" to Derby from the Ashbourne direction - and locally made to boot."

Mr Sean Flynn
"Cant believe it is not being looked after and maintained. Why is it that DCC seem to mess up so many historical buildings in Derby that would bring in tourism and so much needed Money to our beautifull city. I live in Brazil, but get back to Derby most yrs when affordable and hate to see things like our friargate bridge left to rot and Duckworth square aswell. So clad this petition has been made. Good luck everyone."


Mr Philip Ryan, Toronto, Ontario, Canada,
"I use to go to Vernon High School and passed under the Friar gate bridge Daily. I also remember going to Skegness from Friar gate station. Friar Gate is a roman word meaning Street or Road .Its part of our heritage. Pleas dont let the politicians demolish this beautiful bridge with a stroke of a pen."

Ian Fulton, RENFREW, UK

Keith Dean ,Birmingham, west mids, UK
"our heritage is Important"



Mr Alan loveday, Derby, Derbyshire, UK


Mrs Barbara Swift, Derby, UK
"Give it back some Dignity."

Mr Maurice Swift, Derby, UK
"Save it B 4 it is 2 Late."

Mr.Les Sims, Derby
"This bridge is a great landmark in Handysides home town. We must save it for future generations."

Miss Katie Husband, Fareham, Hampshire, UK

Mr Keith Grafton, Hornchurch, Essex, UK
"The restoration of Friar Gate Bridge built by Andrew Handyside is a project worthy of support by the council doing as it does in recognising the work of the man. This bridge represents the work of engineers and architects from a bygone era who are local but which are no less relevant to today. The councils support for this project will show it in a positive light and demonstrate its credentials in the protection of its past, Derby as a city has much to be proud of in its Industrial."

Mr Brian Lager, Fall River, Nova Scotia, Canada
"I was born in Derby and passed under this bridge daily. It is a beautiful effective use of cast iron. The bridge is unique. Derby City Council were given this to maintain in perpetuity. It is quite obvious their understanding of the word is not the same as any one else. This is another example of inane city planners destroying what is left of old Derby. These are the same morons that demolished the west end of Derby to put an appalling road over what was some of the finest 15/16th century"

Mr Maurice Swift, Derby, Derbyshire, UK
"Save Friar Gates Handysides Gem"

Mick Mellor, UK
"Amsterdam Central Station was also built by Handyside"

Ann Leighton
"Please save our beautiful bridge before its too late."

Mrs Jacqueline Elsom, St. Agnes, Cornwall, UK
"Spent my childhood in and around Friar Gate. My late husband was a partner of Smart and Elsom. Friar Gate.FEMU"

Mr Chris Murphy
"About time the council honoured their commitment to keep it in good order that they made when they purchased it for £1"

Kathy Matossian, Derby, UK
"Friargate is a lovely part of Derby, mainly Grade II listed buildings and the bridge only enhances its appearance. Absolutely must be sensitively and tastefully restored to its former glory. Why would we allow such a beauteous thing to crumble through neglect? Wake up, Derby City Council! No more new projects please, no giant cricket stumps or odd sculptures. Save the bridge."

Mr Jeremy Evans, Derby, UK
"This bridge is an important part of Derby's heritage as well as an architectural gem."

Mr Anonymous, DERBY, UK

Dan Dreese, Derby, UK
"Derby has some of the greatest history that can been seen still today. Unlike so mean of citys and towns who remove them."

Mr Nick Tompkins, Brailsford
"Restore it and put a tram route on it"

Mr Barry Tan, Derby, Derbyshire, UK

mr Frederic Cartier, Belper
"Please restore this amazing bridge!"

Mr Peter Booley, Derby
"This is an excellent rare and historic structure, a real treasure of the city of Derby. It should be looked after to preserve our citys rich heritage."

Mrs Farzana Hampshire


Mr Daniel Derbyshire
"Good look getting signatures worthy cause"

Mr Jim Kay
"Please save this fine old bridge dont ignore our city heritage."

Mr Stephen Marley, Derby, Derbyshire, UK
"May the bridge endure as long as England!"

Mr Brian Cass
"Friargate Bridge is beautiful, and is an important and visible symbol of Derbys railway heritage, sadly all but gone now. It is also a monument to the folly of short term thinking. Imagine how useful a modern light railway along its route, linking with the Nottingham tram would be today. Congestion on the A52 and A610 speaks volumes!"

mrs Jeanette walton, Derby, Derbyshire
"please help save this historic bridge"

Mrs Maureen Hurst, Derby, Derbyshire, UK
"Childhood memories which are reactivated when I visit relations. It is a wonderful structure and the ironwork is very intricate - beautiful to look at."

Mr Martin Lloyd, Canterbury, Kent,
"A city unappreciative of its past is a city without a future."

Mr Peter Lloyd, Kidlington, Oxon, UK
"I was born in Derby and have cousins thill there. Much of my childhood was spent in Ashbourne Road and we whould be proud of the handyside workmanship. Restore it for future generations to marvel at when they tire of computer games"

ms carole dunne, derby, Derbyshire, UK
"In its former glory this was a beautiful bridge,too many buildings and features of derby are being allowed to deteriorate in favour of new builds which often remain empty,lets keep some landmarks ,so future generations can see what we lived with,without resorting to photos in history books."

mr Gerald Anthony, Derby, Derbys
"preservation is now a must (actually there are two bridges side by side and are not parallel) Also by opening up the old station staircase and refurbishing the arches it could be made a very attractive walkway to a sympathetic development including a restoration of the old goods warehouse which is a listed building along with the pumphouse on Great Northern Rd."
Mr Ben Shepperd
"SAVE THAT BRIDGE! It should be a feature of the road not something left to neglect!"

mr David thacker, South Shields, Tyne and Wear,UK
"I am a Derby born man who remembers going to Skegness, Great Yarmouth and Nottingham reguarly from Friargate station in the 1950&#039;s<br>and the bridge is an icon of the area and it and the G.N.R. warehouse should be preserved as maybe a museum of Derby&#039;s railway heritage."

Mr Kieron Cairns, Derby, Derbyshire, UK
"This is one of the most elegant bridges in the UK. Dont let it go to waste."

Mr Philip Wilkinson, Derby, UK
"Friar Gate Bridge is an important and beautiful legacy from our industrial past. It records a time when steam played an essential part of our lives. It is perhaps one of the few remaining features from that great age that showed its prowess in artistic form. What will futures generations say if we we let it slip away."

Mr Robert King, Derby, England,
"lets see the bridge / station restored the GNR seems to disapper out of derby"

DR Anonymous, Derbyshire, UK
"We need to preserve our historical heritage."

Mr Michael Wingfield, UK
"This is a key Derby landmark, it would be great if this was restored especially if the public were permitted to access the top of the bridge as well as the bottom. This is a good time to do it as the city is clearly going through a spectacular revival."

Mr Chris Hulse, Derby

Mr David Edge, Derby, UK
"The bridge is a central feature of Derby and well deserving restoration as part of an elegant cityscape"

Mr Kieran Dwyer, UK
"Save the bridge"

Mr Richard Brierley, Derby, Derbyshire, UK
"A beautiful structure, and a bridge of unique design. Derby has lost so many beautiful buildings over the last 40 years. Furthermore, this lovely, ornate bridge spans one of the oldest streets in Derby and is adjacent to some elegant Georgian buildings with a raised pavement leading up to impressive doorways of individual designs."

Mr Samuel Foxon, UK

miss Jemma Topham, Derby, UK
"I designed the poster for this bridge and in doing so learnt allot about its history and the pure beauty of what it once was, i would love to see it fully restored without the dreadful looking cages."

Mrs Pamela Postans Postans, Derby
"This is a historic bridge in a historic area of Derby. It is a valuable part of our heritage, not to mention a future tourist attraction. Hence to let it decay, as is happening, will deprive Derby in the future of an asset of ever increasing value, both culturally and economically."

mr Stephen webster
"Fix the bridge before its gone and while you are at it restore the warehouses too."

Mr Jean-Claude Klein

Mr Mick Gregory, UK
"This amazing bridge has to be preserved. It will be criminal not to."

Mr Jonathan Trinder, Redditch, Worcs, UK
"Friargate Bridge is a valuable piece of Derby history, and as such should be restored and maintained."

Mr Wayne Goodin, Netherne on the Hill, Surrey, England


Mr Anthony Bacon
"This bridge is so beautiful and iconic to Derby. Beauty in a functional object. Lessons could be learnt."

Mr Michael Foulds, DERBY, UK
"For the bridge to have a future, it needs to have a use. Development of the former Friargate Station site, and pedestrian access across the bridge is 50 years overdue."

Mr David Edge, Derby, Derbyshire, UK

Mrs Elizabeth Heaton, Derby
"Friargate Bridge is a part of Derbys engineering heritage. We should be proud of it, and treat it accordingly."

mr Stephen saunders, UK
"put the railway back"

Mr Andrew Bailey, Derby, UK
"I can remember this bridge from when I was a child and also when it was last painted many years ago. As a painted faccedilade it was stunning and should definitely be restored and also continually maintained as part of the Derby heritage that our city fathers havent yet destroyed."

Mr Anonymous, Derby
"This wonderful bridge should be restored to preserve the once great heritage of this city."

Mr Darrell Taylor, Derby, Derbyshire, UK
"It is important that what remaining buildings and structures that represented our railway history are retained . The bridge in particular is not only a reminder that the GNR was there but a tribute to its manufacturer"

Miss Victoria Cashmore, Derby
"Save our history! Every other city in the UK has maintained theirs, don&#039;t throw away ours!"

mr kevin john pennick, derby
"special piece of history."

Mr William Grange, Derby ,Derbyshire, UK
"Yes, this would be a greatly worthwhile thing to do. Its yet another example of Derby&#039;s heritage being neglected by our Council, while they pursue grandiose schemes to disfigure the City with ill-designed buildings. However, it would also be good to see the other listed and crumbling buildings on the site conserved...AND much of the wildlife habitats which have arisen since the closure of the station - making the site one of the best, if not THE best site for butterflies in the whole"

Mr Chris Woodward, Derby,UK</td><td><a href="petition-comment.php?cid=16296400" title=
"The bridge is a Derby icon and world-class example of Handysides work. It is an essential example of Derbys industrial heritage. It MUST be preserved for future generations."

"This bridge is a reminder of the best efforts of our industrial heritage. We too readily let these go by the wayside. It should be restored and preserved for future generations."

mr Alun davies, UK
"Save the bridge!"

Mr Kim Askin, Derby
"Derby has demolished a lot of saveable historic buildings lets not add this to the list. My Great Grandfather worked on the construction of this bridge and would like my Grand children to be able to point this bridge out to there grandchildren."

Ms Nicoleta Petre, Derby, derbyshire, UK

Mrs Esme Mason, Alvaston, UK

Mr Steve Martin, UK
"We simply cannot allow structures of such beauty and prowess to disappear. This is part of our engineering history and should be preserved for good."

Ms Wendy Upton, Derby,
"We must save this wonderful bridge; enough of Derbys heritage has already been lost!"

Mr John Domagala, Derby, UK
"Typical council let it fall down!"

ms Jude Holland, Derby,
"its looking really shabby, and needs doing up, Friargate is nicest walk into town shame its spoilt by state of bridge plus the alcoholics that hang round there."

Mike and Joyce Newbold, UK

mr craig barton
"these have so much potential"

miss Nieve lewis
"Derby has lost too much heritage, leave Friargate bridge alone."

Peter and Jean O Neill
"I used the station many times when I was young. Friargate would not be the same if it went."

Mrs.Valerie Sims
"Save the bridge."

Edward Kitchen, Derby, Derbyshire, UK
"Derby has destroyed so much of its architectural heritage in the past decades. What remains is all the more worthy of preserving."

"Friar Gate Bridge is an important and historical asset to Derby and to tourists wishing to visit our local heritages."

Miss Nicola Williams, Derby, Derbyshire, UK
"The whole area of Friargate Station and Goods Yard needs to be saved and renovated. Plans to put restaurants and supermarkets in the old buildings is just a cheap, unimaginative way of using the current structures. Having the warehouse as apartments and the engine house as a railway museum seems more apt. And I&#039;m sure the station and the bridge can be restored and used again also. If theyre feeling cheap, then the least they can do is paint the bridge and cut back all the overgrowth.

"Having been born in Nun Street and lived until I was 13 years of age , I grew up seeing this bridge when it was still in use. Refurbishing it would create a meaniful tourist attraction - unlike the heads in the pavement, scrapped trees for the council house and other MONEY WASTING PROJECTS force on tax-paying by the council."

Mr Matthew Hewitt, Derby, UK
"Good luck"

"It is vital to preserve our local heritage of national importance and important to prevent this once elegant area from becoming scruffy."

Mrs Mandy Coons, Derby, UK
"This bridge is unique and needs to be restored to its former glory."

Mr David Anderson, Glasgow
"I care passionately about the heritage and architecture of the UK, and it is this and my friendship with a local man here which have inspired me to sign this petition"

Mrs Jane Brown, Derby, Derbyshire, UK
"I lived off Ashbourne Road,Derby for many years and often walked down Friar Gate and under the bridge.It is a local work of art and I think that it should be restored to its former glory!"

Mrs Mary Dreher, Derby, UK
"A beautiful part of Derbys heritage that needs to be preserved."

Mrs Megan Redfern, Derby, UK
"We have lost too many of our old buildings and must save this bridge for future generations."

Mrs Patricia Sutherland, Derby, UK
"This bridge is a fine example of its kind and should be preserved and not lost like so many of Derbys history."

Mike Hudd, Derby, Derbyshire, UK
"This could be a great feature of the area if a little TLC was expended."

Mr Kevin Speakman, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, UK
"I recall supporting the original &#039;Friargate Bridge - save me campaign in the 70s and even managed to paint the sheets which were draped over the bridge to draw attention to its plight. Amazing how something so majestic which originally carved a swathe through Georgian Friargate is now under threat in these times of financial restraint."

Mr Rob F, Derby, UK
"Bridge is part of our local heritage and needs to be restored quickly before it becomes too late, like so many other bits of our heritage that have been left to dereliction"

Mrs Ann Foss
"I think it is an important part of Derbys past as a leading railway city it is a crime if it is not restored in some way.We are all aware of spending cuts , however serious time should be spent on viewing this possible venture."

Mr John Plant, Derby, UK
"It is a testament to the skills of Derby (Handyside) and later the generosity of Masons Paints who donated materials for its last restoration.

"Mr James Cowley, UK
"A landmark, worthy of investment and up keep. A treasure to the city of Derby that most be upheld."

Mrs Anna-marie Bundy

"It is shamful how derby city council are letting the old railway bridge in friargate rust away it seems they dont like preserving our history of derby. St Helens house was a good example?"

Mrs Mary Smith
"Why dont we try to get a Lottery Heritage Grant"

Mr Anthony Storey Derby
"Derby owes much to its railway heritage. It should celebrate that by preserving significant elements of that heritage which still exist. Friargate Bridge is a special example of that heritage"

Mr Anonymous
"I feel it is an important part of Derby's railway history and is a listed structure in a conservation area. I think it should form part of the Friar Gate redevelopment of the old railway station site, which is currently in the planning stages."

miss Anonymous Derby
"I think its a lovely bridge and I would hate to see it go"

Mr Andrew Spalton Derby
"Have recently returned from tracing my Grandfathers footsteps in South Africa, I was amased to find a George the V Post Box on the top of Table Mountain. It has inspired me to find out more about Andrew Handyside including the Friar Gate Bridge."

Mrs Jacqueline Smith Tyldesley Manchester
"The heart and soul of our country is sadly being neglected, then demolished and forgotten. Why can so many other countries treasure their past, and the structures that helped them evolve, while here all we seem to do is to eradicate them from memory? So sad"

Mr Jack Smith Manchester Lancashire
"We are losing too much of our heritage , because greedy councils won't spend money on the things thay should be preserving for posterity, and taking care to maintain the magnificent monuments that were built in an age when we truly ruled the world in manufacturing and engineering. Those days can never come again. Such neglect and lack of care is happening nationwide, and is a disgrace."

Mr stuart walker
"Enough vandalism has been caused to Derby and its past. Please dont let this happen.Lets leave something of the past."

Mr Andrew Spalton DERBY
"we have recently returned from tracing my grandfathers footsteps in Cape Town on the top of Table Mountain we found a Post Box GeorgeV1 manufactured by Handyside of Derby,I was amased also another one in Mossel Bay Museam. On investigating back home we found that Andrew Handyside lived next to my ancestors Charles Spalton and Sons Corn Merchants Ashbourne Road. I would like to support the save the bridge campaign in any way i can."

"The Heritage Trust Ltd is in full support of the restoration of such an important part of the city of Derby."

Mrs Charlotte Lomas Derbyshire
"Its a wonderful bridge please look after it"

Mrs Emily Robe DERBY
"such a shame this bridge has been left to rot :("

Mr Chris Peacock
"Keep the bridge, even better get it in use, the government is promoting public transport, surley this is a better and cheaper alternative to hs2 which provides a greater transport support for the local community"

Mick Smith
"Derby City Council, just get this iconic bridge sorted and fixed right NOW before it's too late and then open it up as a small railway station museum to attract many thousands of tourists into Derby to see it. If you can't do it, I will!"

Mr Tony Fisher Riddings
"hope they take notice its very sad"

Mr Frederick John Hudson Derby
"Essential part of Derby herirage."

MRS TRACEY COX Long Eaton Nottingham
"this bridge is so important for the future to show students and children of how it was made and what for, it is history."

Roy Branson Derby
"I recently took a visitor to see this landmark - what an embarrasment to me and disgrace to the town (it does not deserve to call itself city)."

Gary Mortimer Derby
"Save Friargate bridge!"

ms Chantelle Foulds Derby Derbyshire
"I think it should be restored to bring some off the old life back into the new generation!! I think these old looking building, bridges etc looked beautiful in them days and I wish they were restored ..... I also want the old train station to be restored exactely as it was and if I ever could afford it I'd do it myself cause from photos its look like a wonderful place"

Mr Brian Hewitt Derby Derbyshire
"Derbys historic past has been torn from beneath us, please sign this petition and save a superb example of Handysides craft from the scrappers Yard."

Mrs Elaine Southall Derby Derbyshire
"For the pride of this City the bridge should be restored and maintained. Friargate is a beautiful and relatively unspoilt street leading into our City, the bridge looks ugly covered in the wire mesh."

Mr Adrian Hyde Burbage Leicestershire
"Save the Bridge before we look back again on yet another of our "what-ifs". The Council is as short-sighted as its predecessors if it thinks that a city does not benefit from its past. Do they want to turn Derby into another Coventry? If they want to make Derby a great place to live then they should work harder to preserve the history of the generations before, including the Hippodrome!"

Mr John Leach
"As part of the history of Derby, it is most important that this bridge remains in top condition for future generations. Without a history there is no way to compare today."

Mr Raymond Lee Derby
"This bridge is one of few old Derby structures left, which I remember from my childhood. It deserves to be restored. I thought it criminal that the old Derby Midland station was replaced by a characterless modern structure. Lets not lose all our old railway heritage."

Mrs Dorothy Smith (nee Handyside)
"I would hate to have this structure disappear; history apart, its a thing of beauty"

Mr Anonymous Derby Derbyshire
"Suppose it will rot then be rendered dangerous to the public and demolished Derby has had it's heart ripped out, st alkmunds, the judges house stop building crap and look after what is left and this bridge is beautiful it deserves the very best it's disgusting and criminal the state it has got in, do the right thing and take good care of it theres not much left in Derby to be proud of."

Mr Steve Bowen Derby Derbyshire
"This is a most beautiful bridge and one that deserves to be treasured for future generations and admirers"

Mr Brian Waters Willington
"I hope Derby City Council will have the integrity and foresight to restore this bridge to its former state. So much of Derby&#039;s heritage has been lost by short sighted planning decisions. I hope that stops now."

Mrs Susan Pilkington Mickleover
"This bridge should be treasured as important historical architecture. Not only that but it's a beautiful decoration in Friargate and the City, a testament to skills of the past."

Mrs Andrea Fordham Bedford Bedfordshire
"Please restore our heritage!"

Mrs Emma Allsopp Nottingham
"Too important to be ignored"

Mr Richard Davison-Fenn Derby
"Derby should take better care of its heritage. Both the bridge and the warehouse need restoration, rather than covering with anti-pigeon netting. If you have listed properties, then you should bother to take care of them. And the same goes for St Helen's House!"

Mr Roger Dawes
"Friargate Bridge must be restored to its former glory and maintained."

Mr Mark Tansley Ilkeston
"The whole friargate station area should be restored including the goods ware house as its a site of great historical importance, to much of old derby has been destroyed to make way for cheap modern structures that serve a purpose but have no architectual merits and only degrade the city visually. In my opinion not preserving the rail link from Derby to Notts via Ilkeston was also a mistake, as its a service which would help take many cars off the already over crowded roads in the area..."

Mrs Rosemary Jones Albans Park, Geelong Victoria, Australia
"I grew up in Derby and love the Friar Gate Bridge. I was horrified when I came for a visit a few years ago to see how much of he history of the city has been torn down, particularly around the Market Place area with the cobbled square, the old assembly rooms and tudor buildings all gone. Please do not do the same to this beautiful bridge."

Mrs Sheila Lomas Derby
"This bridge must be kept to compliment what little we have left of Derby's character and railway history. It could be adapted as a means of crossing this busy road, as has been done in the town of Chester."

Mr John Jordan Chesterfield Derbyshire
"An iconic reminder of my childhood and a beautiful example of Derby's industrial glory."

Mr Jonathan Godfrey
"One of the finest examples of detailed ironwork in the world. It is an important part of Derby's history, and should be restored to its former magnificent glory!"

Mr Smith Nottingham Nottinghamshire
"I hope this is just a start!"

Mr Christopher Matthews Nottinghamshire
"This bridge is more distinctive than the homogeneous crap of Westfield and Pride Park combined. A reminder that industrial Derby was more industrious and urbane than contemporary global capitalism."

Mr John Hudson Ashbourne
"Since 1840 and the arrival of railways in Derby, they have played a very important part in the life of the town and now the city. That heritage must be preserved; the Roundhouse shows a way. It is time for Friargate Bridge to also be restored."

Mr Roger Cullingham
"A fine bridge deserving the fullest of attention so it can be enjoyed by future generations. Such structures are in our care for those who follow us and are not ours to destroy."

Mr Ian Stubbs Middlesbrough North Yorkshire
"Handyside and Co were one of the foremost exponents of their field in Victorian and Edwardian England and their work is represented around the globe. They are an example of what made Britain Great and the bridge should be restored to its former glory to reflect the pride in this"

Mr Patrick Hill
"We should restore bridge and create walkway along the route of the rail line."

Mr Geoff Ball
"Beautiful bridge - great opportunity to open up a green route right into the centre of the city along the old railway line."

Mr Thomas Howe
"Save this fab piece of derby glorious past! :)"

Ms Anastasia Zakar
"Derby has lost enough of its soul in recent times, it is necessary to care for that which is left."

Mr Stuart Fletcher
"This is a vital part of Derby history"

Mr Roy Scattergood Derby
"honour commitment"

Mrs Breon Derby
"over the years i have watched lots of derbys do your stufferitance dissapeare, i want the friagate bridge to remain for future generations to wonder at including my grandchildren,so come on derby do your stuff."

Mrs Kelley Hayde St. Helens Merseyside
"My father lived in Derby until he was 30. He often told me of daytrips to the seaside from Friargate station. I feel it is a great shame that the council never kept to their promise. The bridge MUST be restored to its former glory. My father says if he was younger, he'd paint it himself for a pound!!!!!"

Mr Mark Miley
"The bridge is a beautiful structure that the people of Derby can be justifiably proud of. It should be restored immediately and the awful netting removed."

Mr. keith carson macclesfield Cheshire
"As a boy. used to travel to Grantham trainspotting. Friargate was a country style station in the middle of a big city. Fond memories. The bridge must be saved."

Mr Anonymous
"Derby Friar Gate railway bridge, is part of the great railway history of this country and must be preserved, the bridge is outstanding in its appearance, and a well-known landmark to many."

Mr Peter Grimadell Derbyshire
"We shouldn't even need to have a petition, in other countries or even other towns in this country, it would be a matter of civic pride to maintain such a famous landmark. Derby seems to be hell bent on destroying anything of historic value and replacing it with modern hotels, empty offices or shopping centres. The least the council could do is provide some organisation and put a structure in place to allow vounteers to do some of the work."

Mr Wayne Cunningham Nottingham
"The bridge is an iconic part of Derby and deserves recognition. I am in full support of its preservation. Enough buildings have been neglected and sadly Markeaton Hall 1964!!"

Mr David Record
"These 2 bridges are a major feature of Derby's heritage. I remember vividly using the station as a young boy and it is heartbreaking to see the decay that has been allowed to ensue."

Ms Sheila Bostock Derby
"This bridge is part of my childhood and part of my heritage. My father worked as a steam train driver and I loved visiting Friargate station and the locos on Slack Lane. We have lost far too much of Derby to concrete monstrosities and it is time that DCC took responsibility for what is left..sadly, not a lot"

"Please look after Derby's heritage"

Chris Molesworth
"Were loosing all the best parts of Derby"

lisa kavanagh Derby
"It is a slice of the past, a piece of heritage that needs to be conserved not only because it is beautiful but because it is a reminder of Derbys industrial history and the lives of the people who used to live and work here."

Mr John Selby Gosport Hampshire
"save the bridge"

Mr Ian Bell Derby
"I am concerned that friagate railway bridge is starting to look a bit weather beaten and in need of some refurbishment. Bearing in mind that it stands in a prominent part of Derby and the history behind its creation,I think it deserves to be well maintained for future generations to admire."

Kerry Green UK
"We, the undersigned, call on Derby City Council to Honour their agreement to maintain the bridge in good condition by restoring it to its former glory."

Mr Ian Gil Derby
"Part of our heritage. What would the tunnels tell us if opened?"

Mr Richard Harlow Moorebank NSW Australia
"I am 88 years old. I was born and raised in Derby, which will always be "home". I am disappointed and angry to hear that the Friar Gate Bridge has not been kept in good repair. It was always kept in excellent condition when I lived there. I worked for British Railways (including in Derby) and also drove the Royal Train carrying the Queen. I was proud of the Railways and Friar Gate Bridge.
I'm disgusted that the Council has not honoured it's agreement to keep the bridge... (click link to view full comment).

Mrs Lily Shaw (nee Harlow) Lemon Tree Passage NSW Australia
"I was born in Derby in 1918 and then raised my 3 children there. Derby will always be home. It will not seem like "my Derby" if the Friar Gate Bridge is not kept in good repair. It was always kept in excellent condition when I lived there, and is a landmark that I will never forget. I am now 92 and still remember how proud I was of the beautiful bridge."

Emma Bolton
"The bridge and station area are a fascinating part of Derby's history. Please restore them for future generations to see."

Ian Ward Ellesmere Shropshire
"This is an iconic and essential part of the town's history (as a important railway centre) structure? If not, it should be."

Mr David Yates Walsall West Midlands
"In an age when we are seeing a decline in architectural merit, it is important that we preserve buildings and structures from an era when the industrial landscape was evolving. Friar Gate Railway Bridge is a reminder of the social and economic impact that the railways had on this country's development and should be maintained in a good state of repair so that future generations can see how the railways shaped the future of this country.

Mrs Samantha Maddock NSW Australia
"The bridge is beautiful and steeped in history. It is an asset to Derby and should be kept in good repair. Derby Council should feel proud and privileged to own it, and treat it with the respect it deserves."

Mr Tom Killackey Bristol.
"There is a bridge in Bristol that looks like the friar gate bridge in Derby.It is know to locals as the archers. It is not as big as the Friar Gate bridge but it is very well looked after and is still in use as a commuter line for the City. And it is very muched loved by lots of people as a land mark or a place to meet up with freinds and guess what it was built and designed in Derby. Don't let one of Derbys greatest land marks go into RUIN that in its self is a CRIME look after

Mr Gary Hewitt
"cant spend money on somthing that looks great but derby council can spend millions on destorying the past.

Mr Neil Littler
"Not just the bridge but station site also"

Mr Philip Thacker Derby
"Its about time Derby city council honoured its undertaking towards the bridge"

Mrs Marion Bond nee Handyside New Alresford Hants
"As a descendant of a remarkable man, of course I would support the protection of an example of his internationally renowned work."

Mrs Tina Woolley Derby
"I can remember going over this bridge as a very young girl, also I have walked underneath thousands of times - my dad was a train driver and went over the bridge on many occasions and if he was still alive would want me to add my name and his to the petition it is part of our heritage and should be saved - instead of wasting money on building horrible buildings we should be investing in looking after the very old landmarks of Derby as other towns in the midlands are doing"

Mrs Vera Heaton Hilton, Derby Derbyshire
"To see what great archivements our Forefathers did, it is very important to keep architectual structures maintained. So many of the wonderful historic important Buildings in Derby have already been demolished. We need to keep the reminding buildings and structures well looked after."

Mr Mark Jopson
"restoration now."

Mr Michael Badder Ilkeston Derbyshire
"this bridge should be saved and restored for the future"

Mr Gareth Griffiths
"I am agast that consideration could be given to removing such a wonderfull city feature! It should be conserved for future generations. Surely enough of Derby's railway history has been sweapt away!"

Mr Scott Turner Birmingham
"it would be a good idea to use the land near the bridge to build a derby railway meuseum which tells all about derbys colourful railway history"

Mr Martyn Harrison Hawick Roxburghshire
"This is part of derby's history!!"

Mr William Harrison Long Eaton Nottinghamshire
"Again we witness the lack of interest in our industrial heritage and total disregard for the railway pioneers and their workers who left us such fine monuments, the like of which will never be seen again."

Mr Cameron Johnson Derby
"It should be celebrating engineering excellence and history but it just looks a mess."

Mr Alex Wood Derbyshire
"The bridge is a superb example of the old railway architecture formerly found in derby and is a significant landmark that needs to be maintatined for the people of the city."

Mr Andrew Day Derby
"Lets look after our heritage!!!!"

Mr Andrew Reed Derby
"Unique bridge, the like of which will never be built again. Important historical significance."

Mr Paul Flanagan Grays Essex
"I call on Derby City Council to Honour their agreement to maintain the bridge in good condition by restoring it to its former glory."

Mark Beavis Ilkeston
"The Bridge is a symbol of times lost, a time when Britain was booming and leaders in industry. Let's not forget this and history so dear to so many."

Mr Michael Hough Clarksville Tennessee U.S.A.
"I am a DERBY lad and knowing Friar Gate Railway Bridge cannot be saved is a crying shame. As a boy growing up ,I rode the train to Grantham and Nottingham. I walked under the bridge ,no telling how many times.PLEASE DO NOT TEAR IT DOWN.THANKS MIKE HOUGH.GOD BLESS YOU."

Mr Eamon Curry Derby Derbyshire
"Simple! Stop millions being spent on the council house pointless refurb (schools are not getting money for refurbs so why should the council?) and spend some of it on the upkeep of the bridge."

Mrs Ros Foreman Bath
"The Friar Gate Railway Bridge needs to be restored as it is a wonderful example of Victorian architecture."

Mr Robert Mason
"A valuable piece of our heritage"

Stephen Botfield
"I used to visit Derby quite a lot, and when visiting Roman House on Friar Gate it became clear that that bridge is without a doubt one of Derby's best landmarks."

Mr Ian Robinson Melbourne Derbyshire
"All historic structures must be considered for their integrity and relationship to their surroundings. The Great Northern Railway Friar Gate Railway Bridge in Derby is a hugely important landmark structure that is not only a reminder of one of the most important eras of Derby's development and influence on the world but is a beautiful and truly elegant structure in its own right. Long may it continue to be an integral part of the city's heritage."

Mr Chris Leah Ashton under Lyne, Lancashire
"This bridge makes Friargate an interesting street and is such an important piece of Derby's history. It's connections with Flanagan and Allen are fascinating. It needs restoring and promoting as a tourist attraction."

776 Francesca Hewitt
I feel that this Bridge should be maitained because if its lost then the character would be lost for this Part of the city

775 Helen Hobbs
I agree with a previous comment; A lovely historical landmark which should be preserved for future generations. Please do not destroy yet more of our heritage. Why would you consider doing anything else for heaven's sake?

774 Ian Shaw
Derby council should buck the trend, show some taste for once and honour the agreement to maintain the bridge. The policy of letting things deteriorate to such an extent that they have to be bulldozed is now well established.Could perhaps a dvd of footage of the friargate line not be made available to fund restoration ?

773 Michael Lee
Don't let this piece of history decline and be neglected. Do something now

772 Steven Barker
I am disgusted by Derby City Council's atittude to Derby's history and heritage. Their willingness to neglect and destroy buildings and structures that could be potential tourist attractions is ignorant and offensive. As soon as I can afford it I will be moving away from Derby as I can't stand to see it slowly destroyed.

771 Simon Barnes
As a former resident of Alvaston, Derby City council should be maintaining this iconic structure and the grade 2 listed warehouse as well

770 Susan Mulliss
I think it is important as Derby heritage and it is such a beautiful bridge

769 Chris Waller
The Friargate Bridge is a major example of 19th century cast-iron work and thus of our broader industrial history.

768 Josh Cliff
DCC should make a tram system and have friargate station reopened as well as Friargate Bridge and Bennerley viaduct. Come on DCC, dont let there be an empty space where the bridge used to be

767 Paul Miller
I travelled over this line for many years as a small boy, right up to my teenage years, up until it closed actually. I have been lucky to have been on an official tour of the area recently, and to say the condition of the bridge is deteriorating would be an understatement. It is a magnificent structure, and should be preserved if only to show what we used to be capable of creating in this country.

766 Anita Barber
Although I left Derby some years ago, fond memories abound and Friagate Bridge (and station) are something that must remain. Learn lessons from the mistakes of the old city fathers and save some heritage, do not modernise every sqaure inch, Derby needs to keep a foot in the past, you can not allow it to become a photo album of memories only, so much has been lost already!!

765 Carl southwell
Please do not employ the usual Derby council tactic of letting anything of any worth deteriorate to such a state it becomes easier to destroy than repair. Friargate bridge is as much a part of Derby as the Rams, or the Guildhall.

764 Simon Weldon
Save it. Derbys heart was ripped out in the 60's

763 Michael Duffin
Save the old Railway

762 Dawn Thomas
Is a total shame if this bridge should go, shore its not just historic its a memory to lots of people. It is also the oldest decorative brigde in Derby. Why cant we still have old heritage, amongst the modern structures.

761 S Spencer
For many years this bridge has stood pride of place in Friargate, as a symbol of once what made Britain Great, the design and arcitecture will never return when gone. As a Derby resident it is a pleasure to pass under the bridge and to once again imagine a steam locomotive crossing above. I know this will never be but for the heritage of Derby preserve what heritage we have left.

760 Rachael Fox
Its a beautiful bridge, they really should stick to their obligation and repair it, its ok spending money on a new bus station, on the Quad, Riverlights etc. Well that bridge is a part of Derby!

759 Michael Rogerson
I wish this platform link to crewe and also alton tower, great anything could be access to manchester on this route through derby to machover to massive link on UK network decide this platform could be great use in the future...

758 Sean Keily
Its a key part of our railway heritage, its an intagral part of Frigate architecture and sends a poor signal about Derby if left to run down.

757 Peter Noel Tornbohm
I realise these are difficult times but the City Council has an unfortunate record of allowing structures in its care to deteriorate. Urgent action should be taken to fulfil the maintenance obligations.

756 Richard Hadingham
Look what happened to the beautiful Braunstone Gate Bowstring Bridge in Leicester last year. You must NOT let this bridge go the same way.

755 Makhan Hayer
Save and preserve our piece of history

754 Reg Daniel
This bridge is a monumental structure and should be there for everybody to see.

753 David Taylor
A very fine cast iron bridge. A shame the extension line closed would have been able to ride by train to Derby from Awsworth where I live. Why isn't it a listed structure like the Bennerley Viaduct?

752 Iain Armstrong
the bridge is of significant historical interest to Derby an dmust be saved

751 Julie Christie
This bridge is an iconic part of Derby and its history and heritage and needs to be restored and preserved.

750 Sharon Nutty
Friar Gate Bridge is a beautiful part of Derby's history. It would be a crime to let it go to ruin. It needs to be restored so that future generations can enjoy it. Friar Gate Bridge, isn't just a bridge. It's a landmark. I look at it and know that I'm home.

749 Geoffrey Moore
I would hate to see this bridge go as, living in shaw street, it was the start and finish of holidays at skeggy and mablethorpe

748 David Hayes
Too much of Derby's heritage has been lost or neglected by successive councils over the years (The 60's was a particularly destructive period). Time to save what we can!

747 Peter Mathews
I grew up in Derby and worked not 50 meters from the Bridge in Agard Street. It always looked special when I was young and is part of Derby's railway heritage!

746 Russ Hamer
Friargate bridge is in urgent need of remedial work to bring it to a state of good repair. The bridge is an attractive and important historic landmark and its present state reflects badly on the city.
I strongly feel that the owners, having accepted responsibility for its condition, should move quickly to affect remedial work before the bridge suffers structurally and becomes impossible to treat.

745 Peter Bennett
Heritage needs preserving city planners have ruined to many towns and cities.

744 Andrew Cornell
Important to preserve our transport and architectural history.

743 Nicola Kohut
Its a Friar Gate icon and a landmark that I use every time I give directions to my house!

742 Craig Gutteridge
Derby wouldn't be the same without this bridge, please spend the money to restore it.

741 Robert Wells
The bridge is part of Derby's railway heritage and should be saved.

740 Gary Mortimer
I fully support the preservation of Friar Gate bridge for future generations.

739 Norman Wiseman
This is a wonderful structure that will last longer and give more pleasure than the dreadful Quad centre just opened in the centre. it is also a chance to remember the other railway in Derby that did much to support the city and open up the coal mines that contributed so much to its wealth. Time to pay a little back?

738 Simon Lawton
Our English monuments should be maintained as much as possible for the benefit of both ourselves and our decendants. To much since 1900 has been lost FOREVER through lack of thought or maintinence. We are only here for a few decades but if we take care of our heritage that our ancestors gave us it could be around for hundreds of years to come.

737 David Ablitt
Friargate Bridge is a handsome feature in the townscape and an important piece of railway and industrial history. The Council should honour the agreement that it freely signed.

736 Paul Hassall
restore it please!

735 Mick Underwood
The bridge has been neglected for too long. The council cannot allow this iconic structure to decay to a point it's not possible or too expensive to repair it

734 B H
Please don't let it waste away.

733 John Warner
Hello Derby City Council, Please, let's take care of the old industrial architecture - it belongs to our past and is also a part of our national treasures.

732 Andrew Palmer
this website has made me quite happy to see that their is people who are dedicated and are happy to see that derby's heritage is not to lose and see anymore vanish. for the council to not maintain this wonderfull and iconic bridge to be left to ruin is a total disgrace! to be honest when you see the pictures of what's gone and why this line and station have not been preserved is quite sad. as for the council if they wanted the space for a car park it would have been long gone KEEP THE BRIDGE!!!!

731 Paul Hailes
We've lost enough of Derby's heritage already - please keep this piece of history in good condition for future genrations, as well as present ones

730 Rachael O Toole
Paint or repair the bridge.

729 Andrew J. Herrod
Please honour your agreement as made with British Rail to maintain Friargate Bridge in good condition in perpetuity.

Lets see an old carriage up there maybe as a bar an restaurant! we must maintain this structure as part of our heritage. This is just another example of the wrong people being in charge and let ruin our once lovely city

727 Thomas Johnson
A beautiful and historical heritage item not to be allowed to disappear. And how could we let the site of Flanagan and Allen's Underneath the Arches go from memory.

726 Peter Miles
We must preserve our depleating industrial heritage, Friargate bridge (and station!) is an excellent example and a tourist attraction of Derby's heritage, allowing it to deteriorate to a point where it will be an eyesore is totally unacceptable. As a Derby resident I frequently drive under this monument to our steam age and it never fails to impress me.

725 Stephen Hollis
The line should never have closed in the first place ! growing up in West Hallam in the 1970's what a superb and useful transport link this line would have been between Derby and Nottingham. Closed by short sighted authorities and politics before the the traffic congestion of today took hold.The railway architecture of our Victorian forefathers is far superior to anything built today (e.g. Quad project) and must be preserved and maintained to demonstrate our stupidity to future generations

724 Nigel Gill
I cannot believe Friar Gate bridge has been allowed to fall into total disrepair. The council have learnt nothing from the past. We see a continual contempt for the past in Derby: The old assembly rooms, Derby Midland Station, The Hippodrome. This combined with the current disasters e.g. The Westfield which dominates the city centre being visible from Darley Park, The Jurys Inn, the high rise Riverlights mess, Cockpit Hill car park.For Gods sake do something to save Friar Gate bridge !!!

723 Stuart Orr
For such a unique tourist attraction the council should restore the whole usual the council have missed a trick,if they did up the tunnels under the streets and charged a fiver a go im sure it would pay for itself!

722 Matthew Richards
The bridge should be maintained and preserved as it is aesthetically and historically important to Derby.

721 Adrian Eyre
If not kept in check, Friargate bridge could gp the same way as the Hippodrome

I Have seen too much Civic vandalism in the North due to weak opposition in my life. I'd like to see this structure restored

I would Like to see a carriage on top of the bridge eg. resturant to keep the history of the bridge and the Line. Like alot of stations it should never have SHUT

This bridge is now very important. It is structures like this that make a city feel like a city. There were once many fine features along the whole line, enhancing both the natural and the built environment. There isn't much left now. Keep it and maybe it will make future generations wonder where the rest has gone, and why.

717 Michael Allsop
It's worth saving this rare piece of architecture

716 Joseph Waterfall
The bridge is far too important to demolish or let fall into a state of disrepair. Many people like myself used to take the train from Derby Friargate to Skegness in the 1940's. There is also the possibility of the conection with Flanagan and Allen. If this bridge is ever dismantled I would like to propose a suitable home for it being at Crich Tramway Museum - I'm sure the could use it, afterall it also had conections with the road transport as well as the railway.

715 Kevin Edward Brown
Save derbys famous bridge a beautiful piece of engineering Andrew Handyside would be devastated to see it going to disrepair. Save it now so it can be enjoyed for generations to come. act now the council made an agreement to upheld the maintainence of the bridge when it was handed over by the railway

714 Marcus Pick
As far to many historic landmarks are being lost forever in this city of ours, this iconic bridge should be restored to its former glory.

713 Stan Birkinshaw
Please do not let us lose any more of our precious history and heritage!

712 Chris Tisdall
I think this bridge is unique and completly in character with the area, We have already lost much of Derbys heritage lets at least try and hang on to this.

711 Ruth Sadler
Derby must stop the tradition of either destroying historical buildings or allowing them to fall into ruin.

710 James white
dont forget our heritage

709 Martin Broadhurst
We should be looking to save these historic parts of the city that celebrate the rich history that the city has. Such great work needs looking after and it is the responsibility of the city council to do. Let's avoid short term thinking and look towards the future in the hope that our actions now can save this bridge, and other important structures, are available for future generations to admire.

707 Laura Briggs
It's a real shame to see this masterpiece in decline

706 Val Wicks
Do not let any more of Derbys heritage disappear under the boots of the rich builders in Derby.
Derby is almost unrecognisable now.
Progress is good but must be tempered with care.
It seems in Derby that money talks.

705 Bob Preston
Such engineering structures like this bridge should remain standing in testoment to our once greate industrial might


703 Michael Sadler
I can see tremendous possibilities for restoring the bridge(s) and the site of the station platform, together with the huge warehouse to have a multi-function purpose: historical, cultural, natural history - but it needs DCC to decide to act sooner rater than later.

702 Finnian Rook
A fully blown plan for restoration is not needed at this stage, but please ensure key maintenance and painting is addressed with a commitment to work towards fulfilling any obligations made when taking ownership of the bridge.Words like 'iconic' and 'gateway' can be used, but simply the bridge is beautiful.I have happy memories of Friargate. I hope future generations can enjoy it.

701 Pamela Helm
Is this not now going to be undertaken by the Friargate/ Agard st developers ?

700 Kenneth Walker
Like many Derbians in their youth I have taken Friargate Bridge for granted. But now in my Autumn years I feel deeply sad to see our proud heritage decaying. Please honour your commitment to keep our treasured memories alive!

699 Angela Warren
Instead of wasting our money, fulfil your obligations and repair and look our heritage.

698 John Dring
As a child and a young man I well remember when Friar Gate Station was still in commercial service. The bridge is an iconic example of Victorian railway engineering at its best and the influence of this important structure on the local streetscape is something of which the city should be well proud. The City Council has a responsibility, to future generations, to preserve such a fine example of Derby's great railway heritage

697 Richard Bramley
I used the station as a child,love steam trains,and as a Derby lad am very sorry to see it's current state.

696 Richard Krawiec
Hang your heads in shame DCC and honour the commitment you made to keep Friar Gate bridge in good repair.

695 Lucy Golds
Do it!

694 Michael Weaving
Restore it now before its too late.

693 Thomas Howell

This Bridge was made by the Derwent Foundry were my father worked. It forms part of the heritage of Derby has a Railway Town.

691 Chris Weston
Interesting bridge that reflects Derby's heritage as a railway town

690 Stuart Handysides
It's a beautiful old bridge, part of our industrial heritage. If it goes, it's gone, and that would be a shame. Also, it's got my name on it, and I remember it from living in Derby in the late 80s, early 90s.

This is part of the country's heritage. As a member of the family who built the bridge, I feel personally about this beautiful piece of engineering and feel it should be restored!

688 John Plant
Must be done soon

This is a great example of Victorian engineering and also evokes memories among Derby people.

686 Paul Nutton
Keep the bridge!

685 Steve Millward
This bridge a part of Derby's history and deserves to be cared for as any other historic landmark

684 Scott Wilson
The bridge is fantastic and part of Derby's history and needs restoring - including the famous Derby Railway Station writing that is no longer present.

683 Marie Louise Lawrence
I think the bridge is a very important landmark in Derby and would like to support the campaign for its restoration.

682 John Ashfield
This is ome of the few iconic structures left in Derby and should be saved.

681 Mark Redfern
Friargate Bridge deserves to be restored to it's former glory as it's an iconic part of Derby's past railway history. Derby City Council have succeeded in destroying most of Derby's heritage to make way for the motor vehicle and abominations like the characterless Westfield Centre We need to cherish what little we have left.

680 Alan Robinson
Most cities are proud of their heritage - it shows how we became what we are today. In the years since I left my native Derby successive councils have destryed almost everything worth preserving. The Price of everything/value of nothing syndrome. Please do not let this magnificent bridge go the same way. You will not be forgiven if your neglect drives it into such a state that it will have to be demolished.

Friargate bridge has always been a deep memory for me since being a child,My father used to work in one of the arches to the bridge adjacent to friargate. I remember visiting him there in the 1950s

678 Joanne Dunster
Would be great to see it restored

677 Stephen Paul Severn
A beautiful bridge unique to Derby and its history, a crime if left to ruin, but then that's Derby.

676 Marcus pick
this bridge represents what was once a fantastic bit of vitorian railway buillding at its must be preserved

675 Pamela Handyside
My husband Nicol is a descendant of Andrew Handyside so am pleased to support this petition

How about Derby city council spending some money on a beautiful piece of industrial architecture as opposed to that eyesore the quad building!

673 Richard Helliwell
restore friar gate bridge....

672 Richard Hattersley
One of the most amazing pieces of engineering in the county.

671 Ian Fletcher
It's about time that D.C.C. learned to look after the minimal remains of Derby's heritage after my lifetime (60 years) of wanton destruction.

670 Andy Graham
It is one of the few iconic structures that remain in Derby and give the city its character. Other citys embrace these but DCC are intent on removing them and turning us more and more into a clone city - STOP

669 David Lakin
This bridge is a well known and loved landmark for all who live in the city and those who pass through. It needs restoring and using, making it a feature of Derby city.

667 Stephen Robinson
If just as a reminder to what would have been a viable transport route

666 Anthony Foulds
This bridge should be maintained in good order as it is not only a local landmark but is also of historical significance

665 Bryan Jones
I remember the Line from my schooldays cycling to Bemrose School and from journeys from Friargate to Grantham .

664 Stephen Jacques
This magnificent structure must be returned to its former glory for present and future generations to admire.

663 Mark Fairbrother
An Iconic site of Derby

662 Stephen Bull
Please restore Friar gate bridge

661 Sarah Holden
This is part of Derbys heritage and needs preserving.

660 Andrew Day
All I can say is travesty - keep the bridge tip top

My grandfather helped to build that bridge my father worked the railway in this area this also brings many fond memorys as a child, the loss of this land mark bridge at fiargate would be a great loss to the city of derby.

658 Peter murfin
Architectural value for tourism city interest as important to derby as the black countrys iron bridge

656 Samuel Allen
Structures such as this bridge are directly linked to the history of the railway in Derby which was a major contributor to the success and wealth of the city.

655 Michael Worthington
It is a great shame to see this bridge in very poor condition there would be nothing greater than having this bridge restored.

654 Richard Tomlinson
We'll regret it if or when it crumbles

653 Robyn Broughton
I used to drive taxis in Derby about 12 years ago and I can't count how many times I have driven under Friar Gate Bridge, it is truely a splendid bridge and fine workmanship which wouldn't be undertaken in todays buildings. Please restore and look after one of Derbys' jewels.

652 Ian Faulkner
I am a member of Micklover Model Railway Club,We are just starting to do a model layout of the Great northern line that is known as the Friargate line. We would welcome any information or old pictures of this beutifull station and bridge that you could send us in order that we can help raise awareness of the present state of this bridge and the seriouse need for restoration. We are setting a time period of 1959 mainly because this is the year that the bridge and station was re-painted.

651 Trevor Lee
Derby has an appalling record in preserving historical sites, and I fear that this could be another case of letting dereliction take hold in order to facilitate demolition on health and safety grounds. This fabulous piece of architecture must remain intact and in situ!

650 Dewi Morgan
The iron work on this bridge is magnificent, as a piece of industrial history it is first class. To tear down the bridge would be a travesty. Is there anyway it could be used in your local history or in a town transport plan

649 Joel Garrud
I dont want this magnificent structure to go the same way as everything else in derby

648 Ian McDowall
Because it is of great historical importance, is part of our heritage and needs to be preserved.
The people of Derby want to keep the bridge and in good condition.
It is part of the history and character of the City.

647 Neil Barker
What a brilliant landmark and advert the bridge could be for Derby. Every time I walk under it I can't help think what a huge shame it is on the Council for not getting it restored.

646 James Roberson
Please ensure this bridge lives on!

645 Michael Bentley
This improtant peice of Derby History needs preserving for future generations

644 Chris Matthews
You've killed off a huge chunk of the city centre with the Westfield Centre (you'd think that Main Centre would have been a clue), now you need to see to the city's heritage. The bridge on Friargate is a defining charactaristic of Derby and should be preserved as a matter of course...

643 Clive Armitage
This beautiful piece of my history and incredible architecture must never be allowed to go to ruin. Save the bridge !

642 Amy Tweedale
Restoring our heritage and creating inspiring surroundings are of paramount importance. Encouraging tourism is but one of the benefits and we need to show our future generations how important such work is and give them a sense of pride in their history.

641 Felicity James
Keep up the good work in trying to preserve this important reminder of Derby's fantastic 19th century heritage.

640 Steven Rhodes
Save the bridge

639 Angie Huff
The bridge is part of the history of Derby and should not be destroyed. It should be restored and celebrated.

638 Jim Kelleher
Please restore this beautiful bridge as an important part of national railway heritage

637 Jon Mills
Too many parts of old Derby has long since disappeared. These gems from our history MUST be saved

635 Clive Dumper
I generally walk under the bridge twice a day and it must be my favourite Derby landmark. I am always amazed by its decorational intracacy and uniqueness. I feel it should be restored to its original condition and maintained in this state for future generations to appreciate. Better usage should also be made of the old station site and its environs. I feel it would make an ideal town centre nature reserve

634 David Brown
save the bridge

633 Lin Edge
I remember the bridge my Father who worked on the rarilway showing me the bridge and telling me some of its history andfelt very proud that Derby (not even a city then) should have this magnificent bridge

632 Andrew Saxton
Please save Friar Gate Bridge. It is a beautiful example of its kind and given that the character of Derby is changing so rapidly it is vital that this conservation area of Friargate be preserved as it is. Apart from the beauty of the bridge, it is a reminder of the history of the area. I was born in Breadsall and can remember being on a train from Friargate to Nottingham when we were on our way to see my aunt in Hucknall. It's no longer possible to do that, but we at least have a reminder.

631 Jeremy Ricketts
It is a shame Derby council has such apathy to the city's heritage.

630 Anne Macken
What a pity if this beautiful part of our heritage is allowewd to die ignominiously.

629 Richard Flynn
Landmarks are History; how can we wipe it out?

628 kevin hoult
It's a shame to see the bridge get so run down.It's part of Derby history.

627 Steve Hill
The whole area has been allowed to deteriorate badly over the past few years, which is a shameful state of affairs!

626 Teresa King
Let's keep something of beauty, historical interest and heritage rather than knocking it down to build eyesore monstrosities like the westfield centre.

625 Ray Morgan
we should learn by our fore fathers mistakes

624 Mike Hudd
The bridge is an attractive feature of an histiric part of the city and should not be allowed to deteriorate further.

623 Robert Read
I was born in Derby but emigrated to New Zealand with my family when I was just short of 10. When I think of my fond memories of Derby the feeling of the Friar Gate area and the presence of the Friar Gate bridge in particular is one of them that gives me a strong identification with Derby. It is unconscionable that such a historic gem and landmark be left to decline.

622 Beverley Shaw
I have lived in the same area all of my life; just minutes away from Friar gate Bridge and not having this structure there would be devastating to Derby. I remember it with much fondness as a little girl. They may as well go all the way and change friar gate altogether if they demolish that bridge

621 Helen Bickerton
On coming to Derbyshire in 1971,I was very impressed by the bridge. Please restore it to it's former glory.

620 Mark Bickerton
This magnificent bridge must not be lost.

618 Tom Smith
Friar Gate is a credit to Derby. Friar Gate bridge is a wonderful welcome into the city, both for those who walk by often (like me), and others who visit only once. We should keep it as a structure to be proud of, in a city we're proud of. I'll help with the painting!

617 Lynda Tomkins
I moved to Derby in September 2007 as a mature student. I noticed the bridge on my early visits whilst house hunting and it is pretty special. I am studying BA Hons Architectural Conservation so I am in full support of your campaign. I found this site as I am preparing for my next years modules and my be able to do a study on the bridge.

616 Adrian Cross
This is part of Derby's heritage and must be saved for future generations. The council has a long history of going against the people that it is supposed to represent and it is about time that the tail stopped wagging the dog.

615 Michael Carpenter
History is never truly appreciated until it's beyond our reach. How we would miss the Eiffel tower, the Statue of Liberty, Big Ben! This bridge has been ignored because it's there. How we would miss it if it were gone.

614 Stuart Fletcher
This is a main and vital part of Derby's history, we have recently lost the Hipperdrome due to neglect, please don't let this happen to the much loved bridge.

613 John Mooney
This bridge must be saved for history and the people of derby

612 Tim Philipson
Having been raised in Derby, this bridge is a signiture piece of architecture and engineering. Shame on those who allow it to fall into disrepair.

611 Lesley Moore
My first marital home in 1970 was in the shadow of Friar Gate Bridge and my father was a train driver in the days of steam - it would be such a shame to see this bridge become derelict

610 Anthony Bridger
The bridge should be mainintained as part of our national heritage

609 Phillip Bridger
This bridge consistutes part of the cultural fabric that is Derby's heritage.Asthetically it terminates the friargate vista and should not be destroyed

608 Edward Gilbert
The Friar Gate bridge is a symbol of Derby and Friar Gate.

607 Paul Bennett
This is an iconic landmark in Derby

606 Graham Handley
Frairgate bridge is an iconic structure that many people relate with derby. its time the council stopped wasting tax payers money pandering to minority groups and pointless bus lane projects (duffield road) and starting investing in what little heritage derby has left.

605 Martin Hough
Friagate Bridge is Derby!!!

604 Kate Holliday
The bridge is a beautiful structure and an important historical feature. I work in Friar Gate and pass beneath the bridge every day and not a day goes past when I don't admire the intricate metalwork that went into the bridge's construction. Please bring it back to its former glory.

603 Steve Nicks
needs to be preserved !!!

602 Mark Butterworth
Friar Gate Railway Bridge makes Friar Gate - It is a truly beautiful structure which deserves to be saved and restored.

601 Graham Knight
The Friar Gate Railway Bridge is a fine example of local engineering and should be preserved for future generations to study and enjoy.

600 Eamonn Tague
After the disgraceful vandalism that occured with the destruction of Derby Midland station. It is vitaly important that Derbys railway heritage is protected and cherished.

599 Kevin Wilkins
This is an iconic example of our railway engineering history and must be preserved for future generations to appreciate as much as we railway enthusiasts of the present day.

598 Ambie Bradish
We have lost so much of our railway history preserve the bridge for our children and grandchildren to admire

597 Martyn Warsop
Derby has a poor record of destroying its heritage. I was born in Dery and the bridge is one of the main sights of the town. It MUST be conserved and made to look cared for.

596 Carol Farmer
In my opinion, this is a beautiful bridge and deserves restoration. Too much of our past is considered of too little value to the future - it is to be hoped that Councillors do not judge this particular landmark in that context.

595 Christopher D
So long as the restoration is performed with sensitivity to wildlife inevitably claiming it for nesting, roosting. There will be bats under the arches, birds nesting in the scrub. Any resotration must not only be done with regard to seasonality, but also replace the lost 'habitat'. If these conditions can be met, you've got my vote.

594 Nicola Breceljnik
I want to help restore the bridge.

593 Gwenda James
My great great grandparents lived in this area would hate to see the bridge destroyed

592 Michael Park
This historic bridge must be saved

591 Ray Huckle
I am a local lad. Enough said

590 John Gow
Such a wonderful example of both engineering and art, this Handyside masterpiece MUST be restored back to it's former glory, so future and present generations can enjoy and appreciate this Victorian bridge.

589 Tom Nash
i would like to see this bridge restored

588 Grant Mosley
Keep it Its one of our only things the bloody council have not pulled down .

587 Andrew Maclennan
This is a fine bridge and one of the icons of Derby - please do your duty and protect our city's heritage!

585 Anna Gallimore
My mum worked in Vernon Street and have walked under the bridge many times into town. I have always thought it was stunning. Should definitely be saved.

584 Janis Belshaw
I came from York to live in Derby 20 years ago and could see that Derby could be a very beautiful and very interesting town , but was horrified when I found out how many buildings had perished. The demolition of this bridge would be another great loss to a city that should be proud of its heritage and treasure it for future generations.

583 Kate Tinkler
This bridge is a monumental piece of Derby's history that has been allowed to run to ruins - it deserves to be restored.

582 Alan Beardsmore
Have we not lost enough?

581 Mark Collins
This important landmark needs to be restored

580 James Peck
So many important buildings and structures are being left to rot and degrade. It would be senceless to let another do the same.

579 Craig Thompson
Though not terrible, its certainly scruffy at the minute. I'd like to see the bridge actually reused as well as restored. Stick a light railway on it!

578 Wendy Summers
I would very much like to see the bridge restored.

577 Kalwinder Singh Dhindsa
Protect our historical landmarks in Derby before it is too late.

576 Chris Elton
This is a piece of our heritage we must save it.

575 Anne Zokas
its unique and friargate would not be the same without it. everyone knows where it is! derby city councillors have a duty of care to preserve this unique feature. they seem to forget that they are they are paid public servants! they should be ashamed of themselves. we will have no historical buildings left the rate things are going.

573 Alun Davies
Please don't let the bridge go. My grandad helped save it in the 1970's and now it needs people again to stop it going to ruin.

572 Carol Anne Nichols
To destroy this would be sacrilege. It's our history and our art. And to see something like this for the first time, without knowing why it is there is, makes one delve into the history of Derby. Without it the history is forgotten.

571 Philip Childs
Too beautiful a bridge to lose.

570 John Braiden
This is one of, if not, the main landmark on Friargate with a quality construction that is so rarely mimicked today.

569 Nick Hodder
I support the campaign to restore and protect the Friargate bridge.

568 Mervyn Sheldon
The bridge on Friar Gate is in disrepair yet still it is utterly lovely and a fitting welcome to the city for travellers from all points west. If it were a Mosque, or a historic masonic lodge, a council buildong or a motorway bridge, public money would be available in buckets for restoration.

567 Janet Hassall
There has been far too much erosion of historic buildings in Derby. This is a priceless piece of history and architecture which should not be lost, and Derby City Council should not renege on their commitment. They allow modern eyesores to scar the city and should have more regard to the city's heritage. The Westfield will not last a fraction as long, nor the abysmal new arts monstrosity, we need all the preserved structures we can get if we are not to be swamped by modern mediocrity.

566 M Shaw
This architectural gem should be the pride of Derby and stand in stark contrast to the depressing monuments from the 1960s and 1960s destruction of Derby City by those who were supposed to be it's charged custodians.

565 kelly Adams
Why is Derbyshire as a whole so behind the times at looking after, protecting and restoring its heritage. it's disgraceful. This is a beautiful bridge and should be maintained and restored.

564 Terry Nelson
I am signing this petition as I have little confidence that the City Council will do anything to restore this fine old bridge without the public shaming them into it. Their track record on caring for grade 2 listed buildings is appalling.Just look down Green Lane Macklin Street to see the state of the Hippodrome which they should not have allowed to be repaired in such a way.

563 Paul Miller
Dont let this go the same way as the Hippodrome Theatre. Lets look after our heritage.

562 Carl Cash
It is our heritage it should be looked after.

561 Andrew Sansome
Too many historical buildings like the Friar Gate bridge are demolished these days because they have no further practical use. The bow string bridge that carried the Great Central Railway over the streets of Leicester is another example. This bridge is of great value to the city of Derby and would be a huge loss. This is why I have signed this pertition to save the bridge from further deterioration.

560 Michael Browne
The bridge is part of Derby's rich railway heritage and must be preserved for future generations. It would be a good idea for a pathway to go across it thereby putting it to good use.

559 Elaine Browne
It is a lovely bridge and should be saved as it is part of the heritage of Derby.

558 Marcin Mateusz Jerzewski
Save Friar Gate!

557 James Chambers
This is a landmark of Derby and iconic of the role this city played in the rail industry, please restore the bridge to its glory!

556 Peter Appleby
i would like to see this bridge restored to it's former glory,it would show that the people of derby cared for their city,and visitors!ex-gcr fireman

555 Jon Hopkins
It's a shame to let something that holds so much history go unnoticed.

554 Mike Cottle
Friar Gate Bridge is a huge mark of Derby's heritage,it has excellent aesthetic qualities and is a testiment to what Derby as a City really is.I've lived in Derby for the majority of my life and have great pride in Derby,however it has upset me to see so much of Derby's heritage and interesting architecture distroyed, left to go to ruin or turned into flats. The question of preserving the bridge should not be asked,preservation of something with such historical and community value should and must happen!

553 Nicola Straw
It's Derby's history. It's Derby's heritage, it belongs to the people of Derby and the City Coucil have a responsibilty to maintain it whatever the cost of the project. Instead of funding something that only benefits a few which there always seems to be money for.

I think this bridge should be restored - purely because the city of Derby and the residents of Friar Gate deserve it

551 Ian Bridges
A valuable piece of Derby history and a monument to the railways of Derby

550 Ian Mason
As a railway enthusiast I made a point to see the Friargate Bridge during a period working in Derby during 1987. I was suitably impressed and I am sorry to hear Derby Council have neglected to maintain the bridge on a regular basis. It is a magnificent structure and should not be allowed to deteriorate further. Please restore the bridge to its former glory!

549 Neil Davies
The bridge provides an excellent visual feature and a reminder of Derby's engineering heritage which should be maintained and retained

548 Peter May
A beautiful bridge that needs urgent restoration.

i suggest keep our heritage, view points of derby and spend wisely. not on signs every 1oomts humps every 100mts. its time to look after derby not demolish it. final point no i dont know a = beeching to bail you out.

546 Paul Miller
As a small boy we travelled every Saturday to either Derby or Nottingham by train from Awsworth.I was always intrigued by the splendour of Friargate Bridge. Why do we have to fight to keep such a wonderful landmark? In other countries we would be too proud of our heritage to allow it to disappear.

545 Tracey Ace
help the bridge.i used to play here years ago and would hate to see it suffer the same fate as the derby hippodrome

544 Kay Atkinson
i feel that it would be a shame to not make use of this bridge and if it doesnt get restored we could lose it for good.

543 Richard Collett
I feel it is a waste for this bridge not to be in use and if it is not restored we could end up losing it for good.

542 Barbara Wiltshire
I am signing the petition to preserve the Friar Gate Railway Bridge.

541 Rod Nelson
The bridge must be maintained to preserve the character of Friargate, one of Derby's most atrractive streets. Destruction of the bridge would completely change the character of the area for the worse.

540 Jayne Elizabeth Morrison
please restore the Friar Gate bridge to its former glory.

539 Viv Wigley
Derby owes its' prosperity to its' railway heritage. This is one of the last remaining symbols of what built this city.

538 David Henshaw
A historic bridge - must be saved

537 Darren Slater
Part of Derby's history that deserves preserving. All of those that have benefited from the influx of money to this area of derby should put something back into our city

536 Vanessa Robshaw
To allow this beautiful bridge to deteriorate any further is an act of urban vandalism. Enough of Derby's architectural heritage has been lost already. Please DCC - don't make another mistake.

535 Arthur Taylor
Walked under this bridge for 32yrs Great memories of my childhood sweetheart, whom I saw one day under this very bridge. Walking from St Christophers orphanage for railway children NOW GONE!!! SAVE THIS ONE PLEASE. (Yes we were married)

534 Nigel Carabine
Derby cannot afford to lose another of its well known landmarks especially in this area of the City.The Bridge is Friargate
and we cannot ignore the efforts of those who fought to keep it in the past. It would be nice for a change in this day of
large commercial developments ie The Westfield Centre, that we preserve the past and some of the people who made
Derby what it was.

533 Alicia Faulkner
I believe too much of our heritage is being destroyed.

532 Lisa Pickering
An important example of our splendid railway heritage, which should be proudly preserved.

531 Alexander Haines
I stumbled upon information on this bridge while watching a video on youtube. I really know very little about this bridge
or the politics behind it but I must say this bridge is an absolute treasure and should be kept in the best condition
possible. Good luck with your work.

530 Emma Lannie
The bridge is beautiful and it would be a real shame to see it fall into disrepair.

529 Lydia Fairfield-Read
Save our bridge!!!

528 Graeme Peach
It looks a beauty, save it.

527 Jill Hyde
Friar Gate Bridge is integral to Derby's history, save it!!!

526 Gemma Lawrence
I would like to see this bridge restored.

525 Benjamin Murray
Do it! This is a real Beauty from a more real time.

524 Christopher Grouse
Save this bridge! The council have a commitment as per the conditions of sale from British rail. Even though BR no
longer exist, the conditions still stand....

523 Lynne Barker
This bridge should be maintained and repaired by Derby City Council as it is an intergral part of Derby's history and a
focal point for citizens and visitors.

522 jack boyd
it is not only the bridge that needs prtecting but what is left of the old city and to stop the council erecting monstrosities
like the quad old buildings have more beauty than what we have now

521 James Salmon
I call on Derby City Council to Honour their agreement to maintain the bridge in good condition by restoring it to its
former glory

520 Luke Hay
Save the bridge!

519 Richard Birkin
The bridge is not only a historical landmark, but also an identifier. There's not many like it.
Also, to make way for the short-lived station and rail-route, communities where displaced.
I think that a rusty bridge is no way to replace that. Don't let one of Derby's most beautiful areas turn into another Abbey
Street. The less buildings that resemble the current state of the old rail depot behind the bridge - the better!

518 Charlotte Burmester
I miss it.

517 Liam Reeves
What a cracking idea!

516 Richard Cooper
It is an iconic land mark of derby and the jewel in the crown of the street it's self.

515 garrick smith
This is something thats needed to be done for a while.

514 Paul Beal
Who wouldn't want it restoring? Get it done now!

513 James Cork
Friargate is a beautiful bridge. I am part of the younger generation in Derby and I believe this one of the most amazing
pieces of architecture in our city. Sort it out Derby City Council, you should be ashamed!

512 Frances Lilley
This landmark is a major part of Friargate. It is an easily recognisable tourist image and reminder of Derbys railway
history.Too much has already dissapeared.

511 Leonard Crick
This bridge is part of Derby history and must be saved to maintain this history.

510 Simon Hartropp
Friargate represents such a "story" of Derby - it is a wonderful example for those who appreciate an urban landscape.
Something we should be proud of.

509 Barrie Gibson
I believe we must preserve these old bridges as they our heritidge and should be looked after so as future generations
can also see the workmanship.

508 Susan Oates
We need to preserve and restore these works of art. It is up to us to save them in order for our children and
grandchildren can enjoy them.

507 David Crane
We need to retain some character in Derby to complement the behemoth of the new shopping centre. It may kick start
the re generation of the Friargate area which is blighted by beautiful yet derelict railway buildings. Come on Derby, be
different in this bland world!

506 John Slack
This is a treasured unique bridge by a local company. It creates a perspective that gives Friargate a distinctive meaning
that would make the street commonplace if it were to be demolished (only to end up in China making new Rover cars!).
Its ironwork typifies the quality of British ironfounders of the 19th Century that made this country 'Great'.
It could be the last reminder of the GN Railway's link to the city in that company's drive to reach the west markets. Real
industrial history here.

505 Beverley Syson
save this bridge for historys sake, do not turn Derby into another "modern " place, this country needs its heritage

504 Anne Green
save it now

503 Keith Everard
Lets not let any more of the pst decay

502 David Wright
As an artist specialising in nostalgia, I have producuced two paintings that feature Friargate Bridge. One titled
'Underneath the Arches' was produced as a jigsaw which has sold nationally. This bridge must be saved and restored,
as it not just a local landmark. It is a national treasure!

501 Allan Storer
It's a one off. I have pleasent childhhood memories re. Friars Gate and bridge. Also mentioned in D H Lawrence novels.
What history! If the council won't look after it, they are not worthy custodians of Derby's history. Get rid of them!

500 Geoff Alcock
I was invited to be the first to sign this petition as a surviving member of the group that fought to save the bridge's
demolition in 1973. I was proud to do so and proud to see that another generation are equally keen to preserve/restore
this arguably most important link to Derby's industrial past. The Council is legally obligated to maintain this bridge.
Maybe a solicitors group could pursue this action. Council members could be immortalised on a plate showing their
success in restoration.

499 Jane Robinson
It's a thing of beauty.

498 Catherine Smith
Friargate is one of the few remaining areas in Derby that has not been ruined by poor planning decisions. To let the
beautiful Friargate Bridge fall into disrepair would be a crime.

497 Matt Bodell
Save the bridge! :D

496 Mark Wood
I have never been to England, let alone Friar Gate, but perhaps I may one day have that opportunity. My connection to
the bridge is through the popular song named for its arches. The Andrews Sisters version of that song is played several
times a week on XM Satellite Radio (channel 4), but until today, I had no idea what inspired the song. Now that I do
know, I believe such a great landmark should be restored and preserved.

495 John Tuffs
Restoration of Friargate Bridge to its former glory followed by continued maintenance to keep the structure in good
condition is essential. This impressive piece of Derby's railway heritage should be protected for future generations.

494 Philip SOUTHALL
Please keep this monument in the order that was intended.

493 Robert Heldreich
This is a Derby landmark, and should be preserved.

492 E. Hitchcock
It would be a great pity to see such a great landmark and the labours of our ancestors go to waste.

491 Barry Roome
What a sad state of affairs if this structure is allowed to disappear

490 Peter geriatric1927
Too much history is being lost, if it all goes then we will become a faceless city like so many others.

489 Adam Shardlow
Theres been too much destruction of old derby its time to stop

488 David Whetstone
I would like to see this bridge saved for future generations to enjoy as well as current generations. I would also like to
see this line re-opened, it could be put to goods transportation and tourist uses amoung other things. There are way too
many lorries on the roads. Relatively, it would be easy to put this line back. Aerial photo technology clearly shows this
over a large area.

487 Carl Haviland
A beautiful bridge which must be appreciated by future generations

486 Darrell Taylor
This is an essential feature of Derbys heritage and must not be allowed to be neglected or demolished

485 Chris Nutty
I think the Friargate bridge should be restored to its former glory, as it is one of the most iconic symbols of the city.

484 John Farnworth
I call on Derby City Council to Honour their agreement to maintain the bridge in good condition by restoring it to its
former glory.

483 Ann Farnworth
It would be a disgrace for such an interesting and historic structure ti be allowed to deteriorate further

482 gordon bethell
Save the Bridge

481 Chris Ward-Brown
This bridge is an important part of the city's industrial and cultural heritage. The demands on budgets are huge, but
when it's gone; it's gone. Don't let that happen, please

480 Richard Baker
This bridge is a very important part of Derby's railway history and should be maintained as such. It should not suffer the same fate as a large number of the railway buildings and structures in the city have. The council should not be permitted to decimated and vandalising this structure in the same way they have with most of the Loco works. In my view the bridge and the former station sight should be revitalised in a way to reflect its railway history.

479 Elizabeth brooks
What a joy to behold

478 Tim Williams
This bridge is key feature of Friargate and must be retained. The Derby City Council has a long standing history of destroying (or letting deteriorate beyond saving) Derby's heritage and it's finer features. They must be voted out of office.

477 chris brooks
it is a thing of beauty

476 barbara webb
the bridge should be saved and not left to rot.

475 beryl bonnington
Please save the bridge

474 Julie Stevens
It is disgusting that the bridge has been allowed to get into the stste it is. i really hope that it restored to it's former glory as soon as possible. iremember goin from the station when we went on holiday as a child.

473 Graham Walker
Part of Derby history,built by a Derby company, spent a lot of time there as a lad my railway career started at the phone box under the bridge. Don, let it rust away, and go the same way as Derby Bus Station.

472 Gary Spear
A wonderful structure that is part of our fast disappearing history and heritage. Hopefully this bridge will not be one of the 'forgotten' ones that is allowed to decay until removal for safety reasons becomes the only way forward. Please make the effort now to save this Derby landmark.

471 sue benfield
Friar Gate is a very historic area of old Derby. The Friar Gate bridge is an important part of this history . It is also an extremely beautiful bridge. Please save it .

470 matt st.lawrence
It is a unique Handyside bridge reflecting derby's heritage as a railway town. It is a landmark located in an historic quarter of the city & is one of the few of Derby's historic structures which hasn't been torn down or allowed to die of neglect -YET!

469 Rob Padley
please don't let the historic Friargate bridge succumb to the same fate as so many other great derby landmarks

468 Jo Brooks
Far too much of our beautiful heritage is neglected and subsequently lost. We owe it to our children and grandchildren to preserve their heritage.

467 Charles Lusby
I know I am not a native British person, but visiting in Britain, I enjoy so much seeing things that to me are older and well maintained. I would very much appreciate that the bridge restored to its former glory.

466 Lesley Steele Derby has lost enough of its identity in no way came my home town loose any more

465 andrew parkes
Derby would not be the same without this treasure, traveling throuhg town and under this bridge is worth the longer route than going on the ring road.

464 J. Koupis
Friargate Bridge is a very attractive feature and adds charater to a beautiful road with Geogian houses. The view of this road would be impaired without it. It is also like an entrance way into the city, and Derby would be poorer for losing it.

463 Vanessa Anderson
It is the Councils obligation to keep and maintain the historical artifacts of Derby as part of out heritage and texture of the Derby Landscape. The Friargate Bridge is an important historical landmark of past industrial importance in the city. The Council want this city to be a tourist attraction - well Derby needs historic sights to attract them. Let the Council act the part.

462 Brandon Jon Morley
The friargate station should be restored as its part of our local history, it was built by many of our ancestors, and its the best structure anyone in derby have produced for the city.

461 Paul Perreault
Please don't do what some governments do: ...wait to a point that it is too expensive to repair !This is not the mandate you were given when voted in place.

460 Helena Franklin
Such a vast amount of money has been poured into the new Westfield centre, supposedly symbolising Derby's shining future, that I think some can be spared to maintain a crucial and beautiful piece of the city's past.

459 Natalie Essex
The Friar Gate Bridge is such an exquisite historical part of Derby. History is what Britian is all about and living in a country that just doesn't have it makes you appreciate it all the more. Not to restore this bridge to it's full beauty would be to devalue Derby's heritage. Do we forget our history and who we are and where we came from?

457 sarah hancock
please save our bridge

455 Paul Williams
Heritage like this is always wasted, please save this one Item

454 Sally-Ann Bowen
Too much of our history and heritage are being lost and demolished. How are our children and our children's children ever going to learn the history of our towns and cities etc if local councils and developers keep demolishing these fine structures and buildings and replacing them with modern monstrosities. More should be done to protect them. Well done on the petition. Cheers, :) Sal

453 Maurice Topley
I have lived at Mackworth for nearly half a century and have passed under this iconic bridge hundreds and it is a major feature of Friargate. Friargate would not be the same without this wonderful bridge, we cannot let this incompetent council neglect it any longer, maintainance is a dirty word as far as they are concerned, they would much rather neglect anything then demolish a building then replace with a tatty cheap and nasty replacement.

452 Kathy Leach
Derby has lost too many of it's historic buildings, we should be making a concerted effort to preserve the city's heritage. I can't think of another bridge like this one anywhere else in the city, with its beautiful ironwork design.

451 Robert D Wilson
Derby is very short on high quality artefacts that do justice to its distinguished history. Friargate Bridge is to Derby as St Pancras is to Camden. It is not only magnificent but also a thing of beauty worth preserving, and a feature of the city that deserves to be highlighted in any tourist guide to Derby and Derbyshire.

450 Alison Edwards
Please save the bridge

449 Andrew Wright
It is the Councils obligation to maintain this Bridge.

448 barbara hadfield
this bridge is a valuable part of derby heritage

447 Liz yule
Restore Friargate Bridge, it's a historic Derby Landmark.

446 Michael Walker
The Friargate Bridge is a memorable Derby landmark and as such should be preserved.

444 Jack Westcott
I feel it is important to preserve relicts of the Industrial revolution in the UK as an example of the craftmanship practiced by the Men at that time when so much of the Industry defaced the Country, ie. Coal Pits, Foundries, etc.

443 Sophie Roper
Friar Gate Bridge is a stunning feature of Derby and should be celebrated. In an age of urban regeneration, architectural delights such as this should be conserved to ensure they play a part in our children's future.

442 Jenny Kilgour
A lovely historical landmark which should be preserved for future generations. Please do not destroy yet more of our heritage.

441 Jenny Rose
Please restore the bridge as it is one of Derby's prominent features and deserves to be properly maintained

440 John Richardson
Andy doing a wonderfull job in Photos and keeping important historic projects alive. ~ JR.

439 Kathy Brickell
I was a recent visitor to the Derby and found it to be the most charming place. I applaud the effort to save a local landmark.

438 Martin Bucknall
The Friar Gate bridge is an iconic symbol of Derby and should be restored to it's former glory.

437 Margaret Roper
An important part of the Cathedral quarter.

436 Colin Roper
This is an important piece of our local history which has been badly neglected by the council for too many years.

435 Murray Bruce
Too many of Derbys listed buildings have been lost due to the mindlessness of our City Council. It is now time to save what little remains

434 Philip Birks
It is typical of many councils who will spend rate payers money on pointless fact finding jaunts, yet ignore something on their own doorstep. The bridge is part of the historic/economic fabric of Derby, the council should do the right thing and maintain it.

433 Rachel Power
This is a beautiful bridge - Derby should look after the few beautiful old landmarks it has.

432 Anna Bakhda
It would be nice to see the trainline which I'm told used to run to Manchester from Friargate reopened as well.

430 Diane Bakhda
I originally moved to Derby from York and was astonished as I slowly discovered what little regard the local council had for the history of this city. Nothing has changed. Yet again, it seems unconcerned about the destruction of something unique and beautiful.

429 George Allcock
PULL IT DOWN no only kidding, but that's what normally happen's to anything older than a hundred years except church's in Derby.I believe derby's council planning dept. hate anything thats not new&trendy,just l@@k at derby station what an eyesore! and a waist of public money,then l@@k at the new St. pancras another fine example of Midland Railway design thankfully kept alive.Derby should look to cities like York, to see what attracts visitors as for the Hippodrome & bridge who knows

427 Julie Lambert
It seems that all this Council wants to do is to turn Derby into a giant shopping centre, when most of the people of Derby do not want that. The Friargate Bridge is part of the heritage of Derby and as such should be restored to its former glory - as the Council has promised to do.

425 Alison Davis
An important part of Derby's history and an engineering achievement which would be difficult to attain today even with
the benefit of computer aided design. Very easy to let things disappear but impossible to replace them.

424 susan hayes
we should keep has much of the passed has we can so we can show our children how we used to live.that is what the
word history means.not like some of the buildings people build today that look like monstrosities,which look out of
place,in a town with so much history and beautiful buildings. a promise is a promise which should be kept.

423 Jayne Sidiropoulou
restoration - do not leave history to die forever

422 Barbara Wiltshire
I work in Friar Gate, I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiments in this petition.

421 martin murfin
this is a listed building so please listen to us
and save our heratige

420 David Cant
This bridge has superb designed highly decorative castings and gives great character to the area.

419 judith hayde
even tho I`ve been away for many years I live in an historic area and work for the national trust and we see too much
torn down for the sake of progress by the very authorities that should be caring for our past

418 Jill Lambert
I am originally from Derbyshire and have always considdred that the Friar Gate area is one of the most attractive parts of
Deby. The bridge is really important part of the character of this scene.

417 philip langham
yes restore it the city has got rid of most of the past,and replaced it with trash(and are still doing it)

415 Graham Fisher
The Friar Gate railway bridge is an important part of Derby's heritage and must be preserved for future generations.
Derby was a Midland Railway town and the bridge symbolises the railway revolution of the 19th century, as it is one of
the last reminders of the Great Northern Railway "trespassing" on MR's territory.

414 Dave Coxon
I used to get off the bus to school next to the bridge in the 1950s and walk through the old tram yard to Derby School. I
also caught the bus home outside the Royal School for the Deaf. It would be criminal to let this beautiful bridge fall into

413 Derek Holmes
As we are a historical railway town our proud heritage should be preserved.

412 Douglas Flack
I think that Friargate Bridge should be restored as it is a Derby icon and to do otherwise would be an act of vandalism.
It is part of our heritage and should be treated with reverence.

411 Eileen Holmes
This is part of Derby`s heritage and the Council have no right to allow it to deteriorate further.

410 LeighAnn
I think that this bridge must be restored as Derby City Council seem intent on pulling down all the nice buildings in
Derby!It needs to be restored to it's former glory as Derby was the centre of the Rail Industry for many years and it would nice
to see it restored to it's former glory!
All the best with the campaign!

409 David Fly
As a newcomer to Derby, my daily commute involves travelling along Friar Gate. The quality of the design and
construction of the bridge shows how Derby once looked in a by-gone era. I believe that repairing and maintaining the
bridge is integral to restoring the historical architecture of the city as a whole.

408 Jean Treacy
Friar Bridge is a part of Derby's histroy and must be maintained.
We have long been known for our excellence in design and engineering and this bridge is a fine example of both.

407 Linda Young
This is Derby's heritage and must be saved.

406 Janet Sundquist
Honor the agreement to restore the bridge. It should be restored to its fomer condition, we do not want to lose our

405 nigel pearson
i walk past this bridge most days , its state of repair is a disgrace the council should hang its head in shame

404 Peter Plant
Please restore and care for this important, special bridge

403 Ruth Plant
Please save this beautiful important bridge

402 Jed Bland
The bridge is a monument to one of the earliest engineering companies whose products were exported worldwide,
including the trainsheds of railway stations such as Amsterdam Centraal and Manchester Central (now G-Mex), and the
structures on the Manchester Ship Canal.

401 David Wride
It is a major landmark in Derby and needs to be protected. To much of our history has gone and has been resigned to
Photographs. Save the Bridge.

400 Ruth Hurd
The bridge is an important part of derbys heritage - sort it out!

399 Mark Bartram
Please save this bridge, It's one of the nicer things left in Derby.

398 Philip Harvey
save the bridge! it's such an important piece of history.

396 Laura Cooper
It is heart-breaking to walk under this bridge every day and see what an awful state it is in.

395 Alan Doig
The neglect of the bridge by the City Council is merely the latest in a long catalogue of buildings entrusted to the council,
neglected and eventually demolished. The City Council must be made to fulfill their obligations. A survey by the
Butterley Company revealed that the bridge was in good condition and could be adapted to carry a road without visual
change, this report was never made public.

394 Kathleen Holt
I would like to see Friar Gate Bridge restored and maintained it is part of the haritage of Derby and Railway History

393 Judianne C Kaye
We, in America, tear down our "antiquities" and put up glass and girders. please keep your
antiquities in their glory

392 Shirley Hall
I can't believe a historical, beautiful bridge like this has become so neglected. What a shame!

391 Sydney Trevor Wass
This is a bridge that should be protected and restored as a part of Derby's history

390 Jamie Cameron
please restore

389 Susan Finney
i believe the bridge should be kept restored as a memorial to the people who built it and it
is an important part of derby's heritage. too many buildings in derby have been demolished
in the name of 'progress'

388 Geoffrey Collis
Please restore the bridge to its former glory.

387 Julie Allsopp
Derby has lost and is still losing so much of it's character and heritage. With successive councils being responsible for
much of the destruction it would restore a little bit of balance to see them using their power for restoration rather than
demolition for a change. The council has a duty spanning back decades to take care of this historic and beautiful bridge
...I hope they will.

386 John Allsopp
Derby has lost much of its heritage due to bad town planning and neglect. Please do not let this be another example

385 Geoffrey Kingscott
As the author of 'Lost Railways of Derbyshire', in which the bridge featured prominently, I got to know it well. It is one of
the glories of Derby; it could feature as the town's symbol. It is also a masterpiece in engineering ornamentation - and
deserves the same care as any painting masterpiece. And all this let alone the 'Underneath the Arches' connection,
which has made it nationally famous. If this bridge were in Windsor or Basingstoke it would be considered one of this
country's Wonders.

384 James Drew
I lived in Derby in the 1940s and walked under this bridge every day, and travelled to Breadsall from the LNER station.
Further my great-uncle trained at Handysides at the time the bridge was built before taking his expertise to India as
engineer on the Indian railways. This fine example of bridge design and engineering MUST be saved.

383 Chris Canner
This structure is surely one of the most monumental Derby still retains. To loose Friargate Bridge would be a sad loss to
the future of Derbys history. Most of Derbys history can only be seen on paintings. Let's still see Friargate history as it is
and not just on canvas. Lit up at night....what a fine sight. Lets have that as Friargate Bridges Slogan.

382 Peter Chesney
The bridge is definitely a key feature of the local area and needs restoring and being looked after. Its also about time
that the other local unused railway areas (i.e. that around the massive warehouses) are developed- a potentially prime
city centre site that has stood as unattractive waste land for years!

381 William Eardley
For promotional purposes - the city of Derby would appear in a better light to visitors if Friar Gate Bridge was repainted.

380 Terry Booth
This is a very fine example of cast iron work and is comparable to the recently restored St. Pancras Station in London. It
is very much a part of Derby having been made there. It should be preserved, if not in current location, maybe at Crich
tramway museum.

379 John Lloyd
This bridge is a 'one off', outstanding example of local design and craftsmanship in Victorian Derby and must be
preserved, especially when you consider the citys' long-standing association with the railways.

378 Ken Rankin
This bridge is a wonderful reminder of victorian engineering i have not lived in derby for 40.years but when I go back to
visit I go around where I lived all them years ago so pleas dont destroy all our history.

377 Donna Chambers
Another piece of derbys heritage left to rot by Chris Williamson and his cabinet

376 James Rigby
A wonderful, inspiring link to Derby's proud engineering past. I love it and I always will, derby is always worth revisiting
because of it's iconic structures, like Friargate Bridge.

374 Jean Ward
This is a beautiful bridge and a reminder of our railway history. We need to keep this fine piece of English building.

373 Jeff Howard
The Friar Gate bridge is a superb example of victorian engineering. It is a fine tribute to the Great Northern Railway, the
city of Derby and the Handyside company who built it. It provides a wonderful gateway into the city of Derby and should
stand resplendent for all to see who travel beneath it.

372 Nicholas Jackson
Save The Bridge. I'm 18 and Derby has little to offer me, but Friargate is its most beautiful street and the bridge is a
monument to our industrial heritage. Close that big screen down in the market square, a waste of space and money...
there is a good reason why Derby was the first city to have a 'big screen', its because other councils have a bit more

371 Kirstie-Alice Billings
This would help boost tourism to this part of the town centre

370 Dawn Billings
Please dont let us lose all of our heritage.

369 John Hodgkin
This attractive bridge is an important part of Derby's history. The council should honour their pledge to preserve it. If
promises made by previous councils are not kept by their succesors, they are worthless.

368 Ann Hodgkin
Too much of our heritage has been lost, let's preserve this historic bridge and thus promote our links with the railway
industry. Would prefer it to be saved as a tourist attraction in some way.

367 Mark Ratcliffe
This is a major part of Derby's heritage, please restore the Friargate bridge and put some pride back into the city.

366 James Owen
Our history must be preserved at all costs, no matter where in the country it is.

365 Alan Thompson
Friargate Bridge is a landmark of Derby and a fine piece of Victorian engineering which should be preserved and
restored for future generations. Any attempt to remove any more of Derby's historic monuments such as Friargate
Bridge would be nothing short of legalised vandalism.

364 samantha helm
please save our bridge!

363 David Hatt
It's about time that Derby City Council started realising that future generations will curse them for destroying our
heritage. Too much has already been lost. It is architecture such as the Friargate bridge which give Derby its character.
Time to start looking after Derby.

362 Melanie Knowles
This bridge is a important part of Derbys heritage. To let something so beautiful lay to waste would be wrong.

361 adrian middleton
too histoic to let go

360 Janet Hulse
WHY get rid of a beautiful structure as the bridge. Its a piece of our history. Save it for the next generation. Its a land
mark for many people to meet. Save it.

359 Allan Ainsworth
Do what is RIGHT

358 peter frank dean
heritage comes at a short term price

357 Trevor Middleton
My grandmother was born in Derby, and passed on her knowledge and love of its landmarks to all of her grandchildren.
As well a restoring the bridge, why not also mark its likely showbiz association with a statue - or even a plaque -
featuring Flanagan and Allen?

356 joyce short
please refurbish"" MY bridge"",as a child i always walked under that bridge to town and see a train passing over
it made my day,even though it sounded like thunder rumbling, I loved it and still do.PLEASE do not let the bridge
disappear. Joyce Short.. ex pat Derby.

355 stan short
as a child i must have walked under that beautiful bridge every day.I used to stand and watch the trains crossing back
and forth.our family travelled across it as we were heading away on holiday each year.It also afforded a shelter during
rain showers as we walked back from town with the weekly must be restored.Thank you,Stan
Short ex-pat derby.

354 Brian Lager
Having been born in Derby, it is sad to see City Coucil not honouring their pledge. This bridge is unique and must be
maintained at ALL costs. Get with it Derby. If you can't trust your council to keeps its word, then dump them and find one
that will.

353 Deniise Watling
Although I haven't lived in Derby for over forty years, it is, and will always be, my home town. I feel most strongly that
this bridge should be fully restored, what on earth are the council thinking of, haven't they destroyed enough of our
heritage over the years?

352 Tom Purnell
A bridge worth saving

351 Tony Miles
This unique monument to the industry of the City of Derby and its railway heritage must be preserved.

350 Philip Ridgarde
Going under this Beautiful Bridge you do feel you are entering or leaving the City behind quite unlike all other arteries
into or out of Derby. Ps I am not a rail enthusiast

349 Tony Jacobs
Friar Gate bridge is an integral part of the Friar Gate street scene and should not be allowed to rot away. Friar Gate is
the finest street in Derby, yet the council appear unwilling to allocate the necessary funds to maintain this beautiful and
historic area. If we are to attract visitors to Derby we need to showcase our heritage, not merely devote all energies to
the benefit of Messrs Westfield.

348 philip minion
what a gem - fix it....

347 Alison Baker
This is a beautiful part of Derby's history and therefore should be restored.

346 Russell Saxton
I hope that this petition will be read and taken heed of by Derby City Council. Friargate Bridege is a wonderful piece of
architecture and part of the character of Derby.

345 Janet Carmichael
Save the bridge. Each work of art and architecture
form an integral part of our history. Save each link.

344 Chris Sawle
Save the wonderful goods shed and platforms too !

343 Sandra Hull
Friar gate bridge is an important part of Derby's heritage & must be saved. Perhaps if the city council stopped wasting
money on such projects as an extra bridge over the Derwent or a 'time trail around the city' they would have the
necessary funds.

342 Alan A Holmes
For many years Derby has shown no regard for it's heritage, the loss of the Art Deco Bus Station and the Midland
Railway Railway station being just 2 other Transport related items. It is vitally imperative that the heritage of Derby is
preserved NOW, otherwise nothing will be left.
I can't see structures such as the new Westfield Centre becoming iconic, or lasting for many years. If we're not careful
Derby will just become full of modern structures with no history, no charm and no charisma.

341 Thomas Glenn
A really elegent bridge which should be an asset and be preserved.

340 Cath Tansley
It is in an appalling state, very badly corroded. Such a shame for one of Derby's landmarks

339 Bart Rippon
The bridge is a delightful design, full of early character. It would a disgrace to see more heritage disappear never to be
enjoyed for its beauty.

338 anthony cooper
How can a town with a new shopping centre neglect ita heritage??

337 david frost
This bridge is a monument to Derbys industrial past and is an iconic structure in Derby. The bridge should be maintained
out of respect for the past and for future generations to admire.

336 David Flint
Save the bridge!

335 John Woodward
The Council are responsible and must be forced to carry out the work required.

334 Debora Popovitch
History is so important to everyone around the world. This bridge has so much history that choosing not to restore it
would be an injustice to all who have labored to build it, those through out the decades who have rallied to preserve it
and those who have stood before it and simply marveled over it beauty. Please save this piece of history for the
generations to come.

333 Ruth James
I think it is important to preserve our heritage, so much is lost and we need our chikdren to be able to see what has gone
before them.

332 chris hayes
it would be nice to see it fully restord and painted up in its l.n.e.r color,wich as far i remember was green and cream.
it was very eyecatching in the 1940/50s,as i lived not very far from the station.

331 Paul Levey
Fred Dibna will be turning in his grave.

330 Eva Ostrowska
Please save the bridge!

329 Sanusi Akinjagunla
Bridging the gap.

328 Marian Fraser
A symbol of our proud industrial heritage.

327 Ben Levey
Save Brige

326 David Taylor
The Old Ones Are The Best Restore The Bridge Back To Its Prime

325 Rob Fleay
Restore the bridge!

324 Russell Gourlay
The bridge is iconic

323 Amanda Comasky
This is a historical monument which must be restored rather than letting it continue to ruination as is the case with so
many similar buildings and features of interest in this country. Maintain our heritage!!

322 cara wendy copestick
the derby city coucnil should look after our heritage this bridge is a link to our railway history. please start to maintain it
before it's too late.

321 Ashley Franklin
Friar Gate Railway Bridge is one of the most eye-gladdening sights in Derby but is getting less so as it continues to
deteriorate. And when it's resotred, get a plaque up there to honour Flanagan & Allen.

320 Charis Fowler
DCC should maintain this structure as per the legal agreement at acquisition.

319 nicholas storry
This is one of Derby's historical landmarks and forms part of our industrial railway heritage, which was for so long of
great importance to Derby as a city. It should be preserved to remind us all of our past.

318 John Orgill
I was intrumental as a councillor in the '70s of almost getting the bridge demolished to make was for Derby's inner ring
However, I have now seen the light. Far too many of Derby's old buildings have been swept away, and I wholeheartedly
support the campaign to restore the bridge.

317 Ian Young
Friar Gate Rail Bridge is a wonderful bridge and fully deserves to be restored and preserved for future generations. I
think that it an important historical and architectural land mark in Derby. the authourites should not miss this opportunity
to act to save the bridge.

316 Filomena Rodriguez
It is important that we retain this treasured historical bridge in light of new developments in Derby.

315 Bob Troup
Another failure to maintain property in Council care.

314 cathy razzell
please invest in this really beautiful bridge for the sake of derby.

313 Colin Underhill
The bridge needs to be preserved.It shows the history of the Great Northern Railway

312 Donald Gordon
Please save this bridge

311 G Stone
Please don`t allow this beautiful bridge to falll into dis-repair. It is very special to the people of Derby.

309 heather duncan
I back the restoration of the bridge

308 Jamie Hallam
Friargate Bridge is a credit to the victorians who who built it and should be restored and celebrated as one of Derby's
most famous landmarks. Friargate would not be the same without it.

307 Julie Ingman
We are losing to much of our heritage in Derby. Lets keep what is left and keep it in good order.

306 David Musk
This is a valuable feature of Friargate, and given all the modern developments, it is important to keep the cities heritage
up to a standard befitting this vibrant city.

305 Paul Watts
We shouldn't have to fight to save these structures, they should be maintained as a matter of routine.

304 Rachel Rice
Please save Friar Gate Bridge - it is an icon of Derby!

303 Karen Holland
Friar Gate bridge is part of Derby's heritage and should not be left to decay!

302 John Holloway
Derby Council have a responsibility to local citizens to protect our heritage. This is a magnificently engineered edifice
well worth restoring and preserving.
So much else of Derby has been lost to be replaced by mundane, characterless buildings, so come on Councillors,
show a bit of civic pride fro once.

301 Barbara James
We need to look after our wonderful historic features such as this.

300 Christopher Sellek
Derby needs to look after its historical buildings particularly with the loss of so many in the past

299 Kate Mayall
I want my children and grandchildren and beyond to be able to see for themselves real history!

298 Phillip Killa
The council should honour their promise to maintain the bridge to contrast against the ugly new shopping centre.

297 susan upton
It is a travesty that such an import piece of our history is being allowed to decay. Action must be taken very quickly to
preserve this wonderful feat of architecture.

296 kathleen elliott
The bridge is a distinct feature of derby and its restoration is worth doing as the area in question has become more

294 Laura E Bacon
Friar Gate is worth it

293 Alison Price
The land that goes with the bridge should be turned into a nature reserve and the part of the station that remains and the
walk upto the top of the bridge should be preserved

292 Adelle Overton
Please restore this fine monument to it's former glory

291 Barrie Elliott
It is imperative that this bridge is reconditioned to its original splendid condition.

290 David Burden
Save the bridge

289 Adrian Thomas
The Friar Gate Bridge is a symbol of Derby's heritage and it should be treasured and preserved as a reminder to future
generations of the city's glorious past.

288 Judith Overton
Beautiful Derby landmark ( very close to home!)

287 John Parsons
You kept it in 1970 so why not keep and preserve it today.

286 Rhona Brailsford
We have to protect our herritage.

285 Matt Brown
save Friargate Bridge in Derby

284 Albert Kimberley
This petition should not be required but unfortunately it is. Derby City Council (DCC) should have Honoured the
agreement made with British Rail to maintain this bridge but they have not. Come on DCC assume your responsibility
and get on with it.

283 Ruth Brailsford
We have lost a lot of the beautiful buildings in Derby city centre over the years so those that still remain need to be
protected and looked after.

282 Phillip Alcock
Having attended Friargate House School for many years and each day walked down FriarGate viewing the wonderful
bridge I cannot imagine the area without it. Even more so, I believe the council has the obligation to once again restore
this to its full splendour!

281 Tarnia McAlester
This is the only ornate bridge of its kind in Derbyshire. It is in a terrible state and needs to be acknowledged as part of
Derbys railway history and its part played in the industrial revolution

280 Tim Collis
It seems odd that Derby City Council do not seem prepared to keep the bridge properly maintained. There are always
going to be budget pressures of course, but it's not as if the bridge is going to be allowed to fall down. The longer they
procrastinate, the higher the final repair bill will be.

279 Stuart Davis
This bridge has always added a special feature to Friargate and shows Derby's
engineering past, something we dont have a lot of these days.

278 L Hanney
Don't waste our Heritage!

277 Darren Fox
The Bridge is a huge asset to an otherwise largely bland and scruffy city. Many visitors leave the city by driving under it
and it can contribute to a lasting impression.

276 Sheila Burr
This is a Derby landmark and must be maintained.

275 Julia Evans
Restore the bridge

274 Nigel Barker
This is a beautiful piece of architecture and should not be ignored by those who are responsible for its upkeep

273 Julie Walker
This is a beautiful bridge and should be fully maintained. This bridge was one of many notable features when I first
moved to Derby.

272 Christopher Harris
I have already signed this petition but would like to make a few more comments.
It is very pleasing that so many people share a common desire to see, not only this magnificent bridge, but so much
more of Derby saved from the demolition crews.
Secondly, Friar Gate Bridge is only part of an area which the council had agreed to restore and preserve for future
generations. The Grade II listed Bonded Warehouse and the Friar Gate Station area, were included within the
agreement made by the Derby Co

271 Derek Golson
I call on Derby City Council to Honour their agreement to maintain the bridge in good condition by restoring it to its
former glory.

270 Margaret Turner
the bridge is an important feature of derby and must be preserved as it is a thing of beauty

269 kevan parker
walked under it many times it used to be so beautiful so did the "dog track "and "racecourse"

268 Paul Blurton
Please look after this and the other parts of Derby that seem to be so neglected.

267 David Winslow
This is the most significant landmark in Derby!!!

266 james patrick kelly

265 Betsy Brewer
Living in the US I see landmarks such as this destroyed in the name of progress literally all the time. Please continue to
keep wonderful older and signifigant structures such as this. It is one of the reasons visiting the UK is such a treat.

264 Steven Anstey
What a wonderful bridge, it would be so sad to see it gradually get worse without being looked after, we have lost so
much heritage already.

263 John Goodale
It is a well known Derby landmark & it's a shame seeing it deteriorate to the state it's now in.

262 Ian Mitchell
The bridge is an important part of the Friar Gate townscape, and a monument to the skill of Derby's metal-working

261 Peter Fosberry
The bridge, like other aspects of Derby makes it stand out, compared to other Midland cities when visiting the area.
Lose Heritage items like the bridge and Derby would end up bland, (like Leicester, Corby etc.) and thus unworthy of a

260 micheal barber
if the council are not carefull anther piece of derbys history will fall down and be lost for ever

259 Peter Dishart
Derby should be proud of its railway heritage.

258 Maureen Williamson
I have lived in Australia for most of my life,and while I love it here,I do miss not seeing history around me. Don't let
anyone destroy yours. This beautiful bridge should be conserved for everyone,especially the younger generation.

257 Una Turnbull
The City Council have a moral and possibly legal obligation to maintain this historical feature in good condition. Please
do something before yet another piece of Derby's history vanishes for ever

256 Paul Turnbull
It is obvious that this historical bridge is being allowed to deteriorate so it becomes dangerous and an excuse exists to
demoplish it. This is unacceptable. It forms an ideal gateway feature and should be restored before we start with new
landmark art features. Please preserve and restore it Now!

255 Graham Glasse
Friargate bridge is part of Derby's heritage, it shouldn't be left to rot.

254 John Crocker
The local authority should honour its undertaking to maintain this structure which is a fine and unusual example of its

253 David Mills
What an amazing bridge - such wonderful wrought iron work. This is a definite must to be saved for posterity!

252 dominic beglin
such an iconic part of derby,if weletthis goto ruin what next

251 Alan Hurd
I used to travel by bus, Henly Green, every day as a teenager to go to Henry Cavendish School. I even remember
leaving FriarGate Station to go on a family vacation by steam train to Skegness, sometime in the early 60s.
The bridge is true DERBY HERITAGE, all Derbyians (wow is that the right spelling?)should be proud of it - and FIGHT to
keep it in wonderful condition.

250 Tony J. Griffin
This fine edifice represents all that was good about Derby's past and if we are serious about putting the city on the
tourist map, then it is essential to conserve this feature. The city has an atrocious record for loss of its old structures and
this one should not be added to it!

249 David Lord
This type of bridge will never be built again, it is a memorial to the craftmanship of an age past, we restore structures
that are of far less asthetic or lack design value, so why not retain something of the local heritage.
The bridge once gone, will always carry the names and stimgma of those who made the decision to let it go when it
could so easily and relatively cheaply be brought back to its former glory. Don't be be named as an associate of those
whom let this bridge decay and demolish.

248 Michael Price
Historic structures should not be left to rot! As an example of Derby's industrial heritage the bridge has to be preserved
if only to show what the town (as was) USEd to be capable of producing. Everyone should be proud of this structure, it is
both elegant and functional, Derby is proud to boast about its links with other engineering masterpieces and should be
boasting about this.

247 Brian Storry
Priceless heritage such as this cannot be allowed to fall into disrepair.

246 Angela Hercliffe
We are loosing too much of our heritage, and the bridge must stay

245 John Millar
Friar Gate Bridge is one of the gems of Derby.
In the past we fought to save this masterpiece of engineering that is as important, if not more so, than Pickford House in
Friar Gate. Neglect of this structure is a discredit to Derby.

244 Nigel Owen
About time the council did something for Derby that isn't for minority groups, but for everybody

243 Barbara Foster
The current state of this beautiful bridge is a disgrace especially given the Council's obligations. Action is needed as
soon as possible.

242 Peter Green
This bridge must be a unique feature of the streetscape of Derby and is certainly very obvious to all those people
travelling through Derby City Centre towards Ashbourne and Alton towers area. I certainly condemn any attempt to allow
the bridge to disntegrate through lack of maintenance

241 Rod Blakeman
This is a beautiful piece of our railway heritage, and must be preserved.

240 Lisa Simpkins
I can't believe that DCC might be contemplating yet another cultural goof! It's great to see the regeneration of the city,
but this should not be at the expense of its heritage & cultural identity. At the heart of the industrial revolution, the
victorians left us a great wealth of engineered art. Surely the council can see that the greatest British cities preserve the
old alongside the new - a city stripped of it's historical architecture is stripped of its pride & charm.

239 Philip Heath
Friar Gate bridge is a focal point of the city and particularly of Friargate, and is also a significant piece of industrial
archaeology. Although Friar Gate is known as a Georgian street, the bridge adds a great sense of local distinctiveness
and pulls the whole composition together by providing a bold and colourful centrepiece to the streetscape.

238 David Limb
Keep up the good work
This Bridge must stay for all Derbians all over the World

237 Ian Cripps
Derby City Council waste miliions in the name of "art". A water feature that resembles a toilet, a Quad centre, all new.
Cannot the council see the "art", the beauty and the human craftmanship in the bridge. What about respecting the
heritage of Derby for all it's occupants past and present.
Doesn't that count D.C.C. ?

236 chris whewell
For all that was destroyed in Derby in the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's, surely we must have learned something?

235 Ruth Clarkeson
Can anyone forgive the council if they let this beautiful bridge go into disrepair.
It is on their list of things to do, on their list of PROMISED repairs, on their list of
inspection, so WHY are they not doing something about restoring it NOW. :o(

234 Paul Weston
This bridge just has to be repaired and kept
in a good state thereafter. This Council (and other Labour Councils before it) have taken away too many of our buildings
and our historical landmarks ~ I only hope some of them read the remarks on this petition and start to do something before it is
too late.

233 Angela Brooks
This bridge is historical in many ways, a big
feature of Friar Gate... Why let it go to rack and ruin for the sake of some good old
fashioned repairs. If the Council can spend
our money hand over fist on unwanted and little used projects ... now let them honour their word and restore it, then
always check it yearly and keep it in good repair for all of Derby and it's visitors to enjoy.

232 Sam Holbrook
Of course the bridge must be saved - it would be an historical crime to let this old
and great bridge go into decay - come on
Derby City Council do what you promised.

231 Thomas Butcher
It is one of the most recognisable things in the city and they just don't build things like that today - it is irreplaceable.

228 Steve Tickle
The bridge needs to be saved.

227 Roger March
This bridge is part of the heritage of the city and as such should be restored to its former glory.

Its a very nice victrian brige and should be cleaned.

224 Graham Joiner
Heritage sites like this are unique and must be preserved
223 julie dolphin
save the bridge

222 Chris Rendall
Yes, I agree the the Friar Gate Bridge should be restored and maintained.

221 Ernest Sollis
My Grandfather worked at friargate Station at the time of his marriage (1895). We must save this landmark

220 R dickinson
A bridge of character which should not be taken away as it would destroy the ambienceof the area

219 ann dickinson
A piece of Derbys history which should be retained to help keep some of the towns character. In viewof recent
developments it is important to retain some sense of the citys idenity.

218 hilary booth
I would like to see this wonderful bridge restored to its former glory.l

217 Michael Nealon
Ther are all too many examples of English heritage being eroded and we are losing our nationality. We need to save
structures like Friars Gate Bridge to remind us of a bygone era.

216 lynne thorogood
The town of Derby has lost so many unique buildings and artifacts. Let's call a halt to this desecration of public
buildings. Where is the morality of the council officers? Is it all about money?

215 peter edges
i think it should be maintained as it part old derbys history and was designed and built in derby by a comapny who is no
longer trading so it was a momument to the comapny and it workers .
it culd be part of derbys re generation on fraig gate part of derby .

214 Stuart Wells
Friargate Railway Bridge is, in my opinion, the best example of Victorian architecture remaining in Derby.
I had assumed it was Grade 1 listed: if not it should be.
There are 2 other unique pieces of Victoriana left in the area - the GN triangular warehouse at Friargate and Butterley
Bridge - both of which Derby City/County councils wish to demolish.
If these councils have their way there will soon only be ugly buildings like the new Westfield Centre left.

213 terry edges
it is the link with old derby .
i belive when it was sold to derby city council it is was condition it was to be maintaind to a good standard .

212 Helen Kent
this is a beautiful bridge from an era when people took pride in railway engineering and it is a disgrace that it has been
allowed to fall into such a state

211 Roy Lewis
It is a listed building and the council has a duty to conserve it.

210 Charles Sanders
This is an important piece of Derby's Industrial Architecture that should be preserved.

209 Derby Gripe
When the bridge was sold to the city council for £1, it was on condition that it would be maintained in a good state of
repair. Too much of our heritage is being lost and Friar Gate Bridge must be restored to its former glory as it is the only
one of its kind.

208 Ross Hardwick
Save the bridge - Derby's best feature

207 Ian Cotter
The Bridge is a local landmark and should be maintained as public art as much as a tribute to local crafts men

206 John Stokes
It should be restored as it is a symbol of Derby. It has been there since 1887. It connects the past with the future, and
helps to remind us of who we are and what the Derby of old was all about. It is also a very impressive landmark,
Friargate would not be the same place without it. May it forever stand as a monument to the glory of the City. I deplore
the council to save this excellent piece of Railway History.

205 Faye Boakes
i can't believe they are going to this, that bridge is Derby through and through

204 John Davies
ALL the railway heritage of Derby is very important, not just the Midland Railway variety

203 Zoe Blake
The bridge is one of Derby's (now few) links with its history. It would be a great shame to see it go to waste. It needs to
be saved!!!

202 Joanne Jones
I have been concerned for a while about the state of repair that the bridge is in - do something about it! Set an example
of a City that cares about its historic environment. I was so embarrassed recently to have a conversation with a member
of the Georgian Society at the Grand Design Show at the NEC I visited in November. I told him I was from Derby and
he knew all about Derby - for all the wrong reasons - we're known for demolishing our heritage - the Council should be
ashamed of themselves

201 Catherine Bovenizer
Friargate Bridge in Derby is a beautiful and unique example of its kind. It has become an icon to the city. To let it decay
would be an utter disgrace. Please restore this fine bridge and allow it to remain as a welcoming monument to visitors to
the city.

200 Sheila Liversage
It is a beautiful architectural structure and means a lot to the people of Derby - it is a well known landmark - too good to
leave to rot - it s part of our heritage

199 Graham Mansey
This and many other treasures that Derby possesses must be protected and restored

198 Richard Temple
Please restore this!

197 Ian Colder
A Derby bridge built by a Derby company. Restoration is essential now before it is too late.

196 John Jarman
It's a beautiful bridge in a very visible location and one of Derby's best historic features. It deserves to be kept in top

195 Andy Rush
I believe the bridge to be an architectural gem, it is Grade II listed and it is an essential component of the Friargate

194 Vince Ware
An attractive feature which is going to waste

193 tony wheeldon
this bridge is part of derby's railway history and must be preserved for future generations.

192 Peter Nicholson
Tnis superb piece of historic architecture must be saved for future generations to enjoy and study. I couldn't imagine
visiting Derby without seeing and being impressed by this unique structure of a style and type that could or would never
be built today or in the future. It's a legacy from Britain's craftsmen of the past which needs to be appreciated and

191 John Hillmer
This bridge is part of the history of Derby
and not to keep it in first class condition
would reflect poorly on the City.

190 David Stirling
This bridge represents an important part of Derby's rich heritage. It would be wonderful if it were restored to its former

189 Howard Sprenger
If this bridge is allowed to continue to decay, it will be one of the very worst acts of corporate vandalism ever perpetrated
by Derby councillors.

188 Laura Lovatt
It is a piece of art that has been crafted beautifully and should be maintained as a piece of Derby's local history.

187 Carol Fletcher
Please restore Friargate Bridge

186 Alan Dunford
It used to be a beautiful thing and now is a real mess

185 Shelley Ashenden
Let's have some pride in our heritage and restore the bridge.

184 Muriel Howarth
Do not let yet another important part of Derby's heritage fall apart.

183 anne haywood
Save this bridge for future generations - it gives the city a bit of class and diversity.

182 Karen Allsopp
This beautiful bridge deserves to be looked after and cared for - it's part of Derby's heritage. If the council agreed they
would paint the bridge every 7 years then they should do it NOW. The people in office now will be long gone in 100
years time - the bridge should part of Derby for ever!

181 Ronald Ball
As this is one of the last few remaining links with the 'Friargate' GNR railway line and Handysides Foundry it deserves to
be preserved and maintained. The bridges grace reflects Friargate in the Victorian era and it still complements the area.

180 Michael Castles
To help make Derby a more attractive place to live, work, shop and go out in. Derby hasn't got much heritage left - let's
keep what there is. A bit of money spent now will save a lot more later. And don't forget it's listed, so the owner is
obliged to maintain it.

179 Keith & Marion Chidlow
Lived in Derby 26 years. Frequently used the bridge and believe that it should be restored and kept to it's former
heritage for future generations to come.

178 Brett Payne
Good luck for the petition

177 Jean Gain
Yes I leave in Perth, Australia but was devistated to hear that Derby City Council would not consider maintaining this
magnificent icon of Derby. Come on Derby City Council maintain and retain.

176 Doreen Roberts
We have lost so much of the industrial heritage of Derby dont let Friargate Bridge go the same way.

174 Kath Marvill
Come on everyone, join this petition, and show the "powers that be" that we do really care about our historic and
architectural heritage. Edinburgh born Andrew Handyside, ironfounder, set up his business at the Britannia Foundry in
Derby and built this bridge in 1878. It is one of the main architectural features in Friargate, Derby. Also built by
Handyside were Trent Bridge, Nottingham, the Albert Suspension Bridge, London and Olympia, London, structures for
the Manchester Ship Canal etc

173 Joanna Mansey
This is a feature that must be saved. The council must honour their agreement to maintain the bridge

172 Will Shepherd
This bridge should receive the maintenance it deserves as one of the remaining pieces of Derby's history. Planners
have caused too many old buildings to be lost. We should continuosly maintain these structures - in the long run it is
better for the structure and more cost effective to continuously maintain than to have a major refurbishment every blue

171 Shauna Perry
Doing nothing is not an option. We have lost too many pieces of our history in the last 40 years. Let's make sure we
don't lose any more. This is too important to leave to the discretion of local government. It's one thing to read about
wonderful bits of construction and even to look at photographs but it is quite another thing to see it for real. I used to
drive under the bridge every day to work but now because of relocation I drive through a barren wilderness of new
industrial units. Sad

170 andrew ottewell
surely it wouldnt take that much money to do this great bridge up as they waste loads of cash doing pointless things
around derby.please save this fab landmark as walking or driving will never be the same on friargate ever again.

169 Garth Newton
Don't let our heritage disappear. Structures like this are part of our history and should be preserved for future
generations to admire and enjoy.

168 Doreen Bamford
Its a beautiful bridge and part of our heritage

167 Gary Finney
Let's hope the city council see sense and restore a piece of historic and classical architecture

166 Sherry Lee
History is not demolished when artifacts are, but they are a part of it and ought to be left standing.

165 Alan Hartropp
This is a very important structure relating to Derby's strategic role in both the development of the railway system and the
iron founding industry. It must be retained and maintained in good condition.

164 maureen palmer
derby should be pround to have a landmark and should do every thing in its power to upkeep this bridge

163 David Ashmore
This should be 1 of Derby's "jewels". Don't allow the "elected vandals" to destroy it by neglect

162 Brenda Blood
The bridge is a disgrace. Shame on the City Council

161 denise adams
we need to look after our heritage.

160 Jeanette Williams
Please save this wonderful bridge, as very soon we shall have little heritage of Derby left.

159 Daniel Rossi
Dont ever dismantle it

158 Bryan Freeman
Friargate Bridge is important to Derby's history and must not be allowed to get into a dangerous state

157 David Parry
Friargate Bridge is an important piece of Derby railway history and must not be allowed to detereorate further

156 Julie Gotheridge
The bridge is iconic and part of our heritage. Even on a drab rainy day viewing the magnificant, bright bridge cheers me

155 Jenny Sinfield
Such a fine example of old architecture should not be allowed to disintegrate and disappear. Please save it for future
generations so that they too can enjoy the beautiful detailing.

154 sandra farrimond
We need to preserve these sites for future generations to come.

153 Lynn Wood
I think it is important to keep and restore at least some of Derby's heritage. If it cannot be kept in situ could it be moved
somewhere people can go to see it?

152 Linda Coxon
We need to preserve such beautiful, historical structures so that our children and also our grandchildren can enjoy them
as we have.

151 Michael Coxon
It is important to preserve history for the future and what's more it is a beautiful bridge.

150 Laura Jackson
do it cuz its perdy

149 Suzanne Fox
I remember when the bridge was done up the last time, it looked wonderful, something for Derby to be pride of. Very few
bridges look as beautiful as it did. The railway is an important part of our local history, Derby was central to this industry.

148 James Parish
A part of our local heritage which should not be allowed to fall into ruin.

146 Anna Connolly
This is a key feature of the Derby landscape

145 Christopher Murphy
Should be restored and kept in good order. A good example of the work of a local craftsman and an excellent piece of
engineering. Important part of Derbys history and heritage. Adds to the general appearance of the area.

143 Mick Kerry
We need to protect our heritage and not let it fall into ruin

142 Colin Reid
We should not lose such an important part of Derby's heritage

141 susan Humphries
It is a major historical landmark in Derby and would be sadly missed.

140 Christopher Stevenson
Friargate Bridge is a striking example of what made Derby great. It is also one of my earliest memories of when I first
came to live in Derby in 1957.

139 Naomi Muzoka
It is so important to keep beautiful things from our past. We have lost wonderful treasures already in Derby (the Bus
Station most recently). Let's not loose something else. Once gone - it is gone forever.

138 Lis S
I met my hudsband near here ... in the coffee shop that used to be there, many, many years ago

137 Jane James
The bridge is an important reminder of Derby's engineering background - Handyside's work can be found worldwide. It
also an elegant feature of Friargate.

136 Elizabeth Kempton
Please save the bridge!

135 Joyce Chilson
please save this wonderful bridge, on my visits to my hometown (Derby) this bridge has always been very special, I
have many photo's of it, I well remember the day trips to Skegness from Friargate station. what would Derby be if this
bridge was gone, it would be a terrible shame.

134 Helen Byrne
Save our Bridge!

133 David Allen
To important to allow to rot away, surley should be protected as a listed building and treated as such.

132 Julie Stewart
I feel very strongly that the council need to continue to care and preserve things that have huge historical relevance to
us and to future generations. This is an enormous part of the history of Derby - the street is named after it for goodness
sake!! If this gets lost then it cannot be recovered. Please do not let it fall into such a state of disrepair that it may end up
going the same way as Elvaston Castle. Be brave, be strong and care!!!!!!!!

I have watched the slow deterioration of this bridge over the last 18 years as I walk to work down Friar Gate. Restored to
it's full glory, it would be a shinning example of Derbys cultural and industrial heritage for visitors walking to visit Pickford
House and drivers truning the corner onto Friar Gate. Use what they've done to St Pancras in London as an example.
The bridge may no longer be connected to the railway, but it is a unique part of our heritage.

130 Stephen Robbins
I would have thought Friar Gate Bridge would be Grade I Listed. If it is not, then it should be. In any event, it should be
treated as such, i.e. properly looked after for future generations to enjoy.

129 Janet Herrmann
Please preserve this piece of history

128 Carol Drennen
Keep it!!!!!! Restore it!!!!!!
We Yankees think that 200 year structures are worth saving and can not fathom something this old not being worthy of

127 Helen Boemmel
Please help restore and preserve this beautiful piece of architecture that is all important to Derby. Thank you!

126 Andy Hanks
I can't believe they would even consider removing this fabulous part of Derby's heritage.
125 Patricia Popovitch
Former resident of Derbyshire, shocked to discover that heritage and history have little place in a consumer ridden
society. Without our past, we have no future. Without our history, there is no understanding. Please take some time to
search your soul and discover what's important.
Honour the past. Live the present. Plan the future.

124 Zena Noake
as i have heard,the bridge is where flannegan and allen wrote their famous song(underneath the arches)whilst
performing@ derby playhouse.although the song is about london arched bridges,they drew inspiration from this
bridge.Derby needs to be looking at keeping more of its heritage intact and if not functional,then something to be proud
of.just like the silk mill being the first purpose built factory in UK.Please keep the rest of Derbys heritage intact,we've lost
alot already when we had so much

123 Keith Blood M.I.T.G.
This bridge is a Derby landmark of significant historical importance and needs immediate attention to restore it. On my
regular guided walks in the area it is of great interest to everyone and they all comment on the short sightedness and
blatant disregard for its historical value by Derby City Council.

122 Tony Parnham
The railway system has already lost much of it's character and this beautiful and majestic iron bridge should be
preserved for posterity.

121 Ian Stevens
Local business person that likes a nice, traditional (and well kept) environment.

120 Stan Carter
Having often passed under this bridge and admired it, especially after its restoration some years ago, I believe it would
be a shame to see it neglected any further. It is well worth preserving.

119 Roger Lawson
This fine bridge has been commented on by many of my visitors. The comments all used to be enthusiastic but now
they're dismay that we've not looked after it.

118 Tony Bennett
Far too much of Derby's heritage has been destroyed in recent years. This is an important landmark and of immense
historical value.

117 tim mackervoy
The bridge is one of only a few oustanding architectural features in derby and as such it
is vitally important thatt this is maintained properley for enjoyment now and for future

116 Matthew Siddons
I walk past the bridge daily and its dissapointing to see it in its current state.

115 Eric Gibson
I have lived in Derby & district for all of my life and Friargate and its railway bridge is one of the iconic areas of Derby. to
me it is a public disgrace the we are not maitainig the bridge as it should be such that this area maintains its premier
position as a major historic area of derby that we should be proud to display to all of us and especially visitors to our

114 Jean Burton
This bridge reminds me of home. It is a local historical landmark and should be preserved in good order not left to rot
and deteriorate

113 Maurice Swift
Save this Handside Wonder.

112 Kenneth Partington
Surely the City Council has enough money left after spending an inordinate amount of our taxes on the new shopping
centre to repair what few remaining important monuments the city has left!! The Thomas Telford railway bridge in Friar
gate for instance.

111 Andrew Savill
Save this fine example of our heritage

110 John Osborn
This bridge hasbeen sadly neglected over the past few years and is one of the gems of Derbys heritage.

109 Tim Palmer
This beautiful bridge should be restored.

108 John Weaver
The maintenance quality of our industrial heritage sends a poor message to the city's visitors!

107 Brian Hall
I grew up in Derby but now live 80 miles from there. I remember this bridge as a fine feature crossing Friargate. It was
decorative to the street scene being nicely painted. It should be preserved.

106 peter mills
an insult to its makers and the people of derby not to keep this magnificent bridge in first class condition. When it comes
to preserving a city's heritage why are so many councils amazingly inept i wonder.
A group of volunteers with the will to graft could bring this structure back to its former glory in no time with the help of the
intelligent side of health and safety.

105 Rob Fraser
Needs restoring!!

104 David White
To ignore our significant past is to deny our heritage. If we lose a perspective of the past we run the risk of losing our
place in history and thereby our purpose in the present.

103 Adrian Randle
This bridge represents an important element of Derby's heritage. Unfortunately it is a part of the city that the council
currently neglect (sorry that's any part of the city centre other than Westfield!).
Come on Council - Restore the bridge

102 barry wilson
please do not let this gem of a bridge go the way the other noteable historic sites have gone under sucessive short
sighted county council plans this is our city and our duty to uphold the works of privious generations for future

101 roberta crouch
with all the new developments happening within derby at the present time restoration is an important factor to preserve a
time gone by especially when this town has grown from the sucess of the industrial era. some of the more endearing
aspects of this city include slices of history which shoul be preserved for the citys identity not to be forgotten and which if
restored would provide future generations with both pleasure and insight into Derby's past.

100 Clive Holland
I have often passed under this bridge and marvelled at the workmanship of the men (perhaps women too) of a bygone
years. It would be criminal to destroy all this work, particularly when anything that replaces it would be bland and
wouldn't last half as long.

99 Ian A Dunn
this is a beautiful structure and well worth saving

98 Simon Morgan
This bridge is just too good to be left in its current state

97 Joe Nutman
Parts of Derby are incredibly ugly - lets conserve some buildings/ structures from a more graceful age

96 Barry Thompson
This is an important structure from the point of view of our City's engineering heritage, it should be restored to its former

95 Sarah Fraser
Let's have some pride in Derby's heritage. Come on DCC, this is what you should be doing, not ruining roads like
Duffield Road!

94 Jamie Fraser
My Great Great Grandad worked on this bridge so I would love to see it restored. Ite deserves it.

93 Jerry Evans
This is a world-class structure and an asset to the City of Derby.

92 Mark Scully
We need to retain this important architectural feature. Best of all we should redevelop the disused station, bridge and
buildings into an area of public use.

91 Lorraine Bilton
It would be a shame to lose yet another piece of our heritage so come on Derby City Council and honour your
obligations for once.

90 J Ray Marjoram
This is a major and important structure and great asset to the attractiveness of the city and Friar Gate in particular. It
must be maintained.

89 wally potts
my comments have been noted in the D E T.

88 Martin Church
C,mon lets do something to make Derby look good for a change !!!!!!!!!

87 Ruth Blackwell
It is part of our heritage, part of our railway history and a beautiful example of our industrial past which should be
celebrated as that of St. Pancras Station has been. It should be part of the Tourist Trail.

86 Jean Smith-Neal
I am 87 and all my life Friargate Bridge has been an important landmark in Derby. I have seen "old" Derby
systematically destroyed by various recommendations of the old Derby Corporation and now the City Council until it
remains one of the few surviving industrial archaeological monuments left. Many other splendid historical buildings were
destroyed which are only memories now. Please save and restore this fine bridge, which by law having taken over
ownership from British Rail DCC should do

85 Anthony Dunn
This bridge is a very important assert of our indrustrial heritage and must be preserved at all cost

84 jim gill
keep this bridge

83 jim gill
Keep This Bridge This Useless Goverment and its siblings have ruined this Country by ripping down nearly
everything our forefathers built just look at nearly everything built in the last 50 years . All this crap will be
knocked down in the next 25 years. SO KEEP THIS BRIDGE

82 Jenny Bickerton
This bridge has been a specific landmark in Derby for so long. Often featured in local photo's, paintings, postcards.
When I see it, I know I'm home! It brings back memories for so many local people. Gateway to the City!

81 Jane Temple
The bridge is a beautiful and magnificent piece of Derby's heritage. It is shameful that it has been neglected for so long.
It would look truly glorious if it were repainted. How can the council find funds for other undistinguished architectural
projects and ignore this unique structure that is such an important part of Derby's heritage? Now that Handyside's other
great masterpiece, the train shed at St Pancras, has been restored it's high time that DCC treated this bridge with the
same respect.

80 Robert Hardy
This classical bridge must be restored to its original state.

79 William Grange
I am keen to see the bridge restored, but also the conservation of the neighbouring station site as the superb wildlife site
that it is (this doesn't seem to have the same public support, alas), instead of the concrete jungle planned for it by the
City Council. There is also the Grade 2* warehouse there, which is now in a dire state.

78 Lester Potter
Preserve the history of Derby - restore the bridge

77 Jane Steer
The listed bridge is a disgrace. Surely, at the very least, the vegetation could be removed on a annual basis to prevent
damage to the structure.
The bridge can be seen by everyone coming into Derby from the west. Surely it is as important as the Cathedral Green
(which wasn't in a state of decay) and the re-paving of East Street, both of which have had or are having millions of
pounds spent on them.

76 Margaret Howard
I have a personal interest in saving Friar Gate Bridge. As a child I was told by my maternal grandmother that her father
(Thomas Turner) a moulder employed by Handyside's foundry, was responsible for the casting of the eight "Buck in the
Park" crests on the bridge. PLEASE DCC save & restore this bridge, one of the very few examples of industrial
archaeology left in Derby (a once great industrial engineering town) that shows the present generation what the town
was capable of manufacturing.

75 jason hunt
i lived around the corner from the bridge as a child and is one of the 1st landmark in derby that i remember. we have lost
so many of derby's beautiful buildings/landmarks in the name of progress (like the train station, the assembly rooms,
etc). it would be a travesty if we were to lose this bridge as well

74 Christopher Woodward
Friargate Bridge is a landmark of historic Derby, both as a beautiful example of Victorian engineering and architecture
and as a reminder of the importance of Derby's railway heritage. It represents a time when quality and craftsmanship,
not quantity and concrete was most important to our representatives on the local Council.
It is irreplaceable and absolutely must be preserved.

73 mark hunt
i have lived 34 years in derby and i lived near that beautiful bridge for most of it shame would be to let it fall into ruin
shame would be to not restore it to its amazing original state i have a icture on my wall now that as that bridge on it
please please please help put it back to its true amazing beauty

72 alice edwards
this bridge should be preserved.

71 ken edwards
this bridge is part of our heritage and should be preserved for future generations, i think its shameful the way its been

70 nellie tucker
the bridge is part of Derbys railway heritage and must be kept in good condition.

69 Ted Smith
one of the last decent structurs in derby compared to the tin sheds we now have

68 John Wilson
As a spendid example of Victorian decorative ironwork this bridge must be preserved.

67 Andrew Apps
This bridge is one of the few remaining symbols of Derby's railway and Industrial heritage and it should be
sympathetically restored and maintained and have in place an appropriate information board detailing the history of Friar
Gate station, the Friargate line and Handyside's foundry.

66 David Pusey
This is a beautiful piece of architecture which requires preservation...........

65 David MacAlister
A unique landmark special to Derby. It enhances the area and is a well known "gateway" to the city

64 Peter Morrell
We have enough modern monstrocities going up in our city so lets keep a little bit of history!

63 Sheila Lomas
This is part of our heritage. The city council have knocked down enough buildings of character already. This could be
made into a usable bridge, especially for cyclists.

62 Simon Bucknell
How can Derby City Council invest millions in Derby but fail so badly to preserve historical Derby landmarks and
heritage. I own a listed building on Friar Gate and cannot sneeze unless the council&rsquo;s conservation people are
involved. DCC cannot be allowed to get away with letting the bridge get in to such a state. They claim the bridges
renovation is part of a bigger plan but to implement this they need to win central government money that they have little
chance of winning. In the meantime the

61 Dorothy Skrytek
So much of the new build in Derby is so poor in amenity value ie Westfield, QUAD, planned Riverlights, planned Bath St
Mills, Jurys Hotel - that we need to save the extraordinary and (possibly) functional pieces, such as the bridge. Culture
seems to be getting short shrift in this town...

60 Colin & Mavis Roadley
I agree with Cllr Bob Troup, this bridge must be saved from these people who wish to see everything good distroyed

59 Derrick Johnson
I first started work in the late 1940.s at Simpsons the Printers in Friargate so know the Bridge and area well. So leave it
alone and concentrate on the mess left by the demolishing of the Bus Station and tart up the Midland Road Rail Station.

58 Candice Gibb
I work at Gadsby Orridge, 99 Friar Gate, and the bridge is a monument for this area. I for one, take great pleasure in
seeing it span Friar Gate, every weekday morning. It needs to be restored so that it can continue to grace Friar Gate.

57 Sandra Hardie
The bridge is one of the few beautiful structures in the city and must be restored.

56 David Bennett
A sight worth saving

55 kim alcock
this is the only part of derbys history left in tact

54 Linda Furnival
Friar Gate Railway Bridge is part of Derby's important heritage that should be maintained.

53 David Riley
We are losing too many parts of our heritage to so called "progress" and Friargate bridge comes into this category. It
should be maintained as a tribute to Derby's engineering past.

52 Marie Martin-Bell
An agreement should be kept too

51 julia vincent
Dont loose a valuable piece of Derbys history - enough has already been destroyed - please save this

50 keith goodall
this is an old and beautiful bridge which would look good fully restored back to its former glory. this bridge is looked upon
by many visitors and is therefore representative of the city of derby.

I think this bridge needs saving and not neglected any longer.
As you look around the city centre, there isn't much history left to look at unless you look up, above all the shop fronts.
In this busy lifestyle we all seem to lead nowadays, there isn't time to stop and look up to see the beauty that is there.
Friargate bridge is big and beautiful. Lets keep it that way. xx

48 Richard Dyche
I only really see this bridge whilst driving. But sat at the trafic lights coming out of the city I can look at it and I am also
aware of it as I drive back from Pride Pk down the A52 inner ring road. As you turn the corner you lose some light but it
is not distracting.
Derby has the new Westfield centre to bring the shopping experience up to date but needs to keep all the old landmarks
for it to stay beautiful.
You wouldn't want to live in Milton Keynes would you.

47 Andy Leask
this is one of the most iconic and recognisable railway bridges in the UK
and certainly a great asset to Derby
also as acivil engineer I love bridges!

46 lesia kelly
stop taking away our heritage, derby will not be known anymore for its great sites and acoplishments. restore it and try
and carry this on through out derby

45 Julie Brandon
Friar gate bridge is one of the few pieces of beautiful history that derby still has left.

44 Colin Taylor
Friargate Bridge is part of Derbys strong railway heritage and a landmark of Derby. As more and more 'Improvements'
and investment is made into Derby, we should also be looking after our old historical buildings and monuments for
future generations to understand and see Derbys history.

43 Keith Hallam
Keep and restore this piece of history. With all the modern developments in the city without history Derby will become a
bland carbon copy city like so many others in the UK. We already lost the bus station (the one of its kind in Europe)

42 Dan Jones
keep the bridge, the inspiration for flannagan and allens underneath the arches, notable also in WWII for eyewiness
accounts of meshcerschmitt (apologies for bad spelling)flying under it...........
keep the arches DCC, do something right for once

41 Cynthia Taylor-Luce
I think it's important to value our history and to keep relics of the past to enrich our lives.
I have not yet been to Derby but I hope that when I do, the bridge will be there.

40 Steven Noake
please keep the bridge in good order

39 Shirley Forman
Let's hope the Council sees sense before it's too late.

38 Peter Forman
Let's save what we have left after the destruction in the 60's and 70's.

37 Christine Brown
As someone born and brought up in the area, Friar Gate bridge is a memory from childhood of a very elegant structure
in the town. So much of old Derby has been destroyed and it would such a shame for the city to loose yet another icon.

36 Mat Strutt
Derby is losing it! Be proud and maintain!

35 Paul Fletcher
I fully support this petition

34 Kay Carter
Please be proud of your heritage!

33 Martyn Hallam
Save and restore this Derby Landmark.

32 Stephen Summers
We should preserve historical pieces like this, if they are allowed to fall in to ruin they can never be replaced.

31 Ian McKenzie
Derby needs to care more for it's history and heritage. Friar Gate Railway Bridge should be an everlasting reminder of
Derby's railway heritage.

30 Hans Rieder
I fully support this petition

29 Beverly Hunter
Too many historic buildings etc., are being allowed to deteriorate so that in the end they have to be demolished. This is
not on,
we need to look after our historic buildings,
Derby is being spoilt by too many high rise
developments. We need to preserve this historic bridge in Friar Gate it is part of Derby's history.

28 Susannah Towne
This is a beautiful landmark in Derby and should remain so. More should be made of its fascinating history and it should
be restored so that everyone in Derby can continue to enjoy it.

27 George Rodgers
Enough of Derby's History has already gone
soon there will be nothing left.

26 Michael Kelley
Derby's treatment of its historical past is terrible. We have lost the Nottingham Castle public house to a car park. Full
Street was destoryed, as was the Derby Canal, and the Darley Park house. Don't let us lose any more of our history

25 Bob Troup
The bridge is a fine example of our railway heritage and must be kept in good condition for all to admire.

24 dave upton
Derby has lost lots of its heritage with lots of indiscrimitive demolition. Its time this was altered.

23 Sarah Cloherty
It is a part of Derby's heritage. Friar Gate wouldn't be the same without it.

22 Christine Kellett
This is part of our heritage and should not be left to rot like St. Helen's House because of the stupidity and lack of
forethought by the local Council.

21 John Young
I feel that it is vital to the City of Derby that Friar Gate Bridge be restored and preserved, it should be Listed, Grade one
if it is not allready.

20 Susan Phillips
we need to save our heritage for future generations

19 Margaret Summers
We need to protect and preserve the beautiful yet practical things that were built in the past yet shaped our now and
should still direct our future. Too many traditional things are neglected these days.

18 Vic Wright
This bridge must be preserved for future generations as part of Derby's industrial history and archaeology.

17 Sheila & John Hardington
Let's make sure we retain at least some of our heritage, which is fast disappearing under mountains of concrete in the
name of progress.

16 George Lord
Too many examples of our heritage being destroyed in the name of progress.
15 Justina Nurse
It's a beautiful piece of architecture and we should look after our heritage - after all what will we show our kids and

14 Paul Pegg
Friargate Bridge is part of the heritage of Derby and must be saved and restored now

13 Jill Brownsword MBE
We must not loose any more of old Derby, there has been far too much of so called inprovements, that have spoiled the
old part of Derby and turned it into a ghost town. ie the Cathedral quarter, so PLEASE,PLEASE leave us with this
wonderful piece of history

12 Frank Noel Grimshaw
Now aged 79, I walked under this bridge daily as a child. Even then, though I may not have realised it at the time, I was
aware of its perfect symmetry of modern design in sympathy its earlier surroundings. It is so much a part of Friargate
that future generations should not be denied the pleasure of its appearance which epitomises the age in which it was
constructed. Too many of its contemparary structures have dosappeared. We must ensure its survival for posterity lest
all of its era disappear

11 Tony Whittaker
We do need to give our heritage more priority!

10 Keith Reedman
Please restore this wonderful part of Derby's personal heritage

9 Steven Barker
Friargate bridge is an important industrial landmark, a beautiful work of art and an asset to the city. I'm sure the council
can spare some money for some primer and a lick if paint? Or do you want it to fall to bits so you can demolish it and put
the ring road through there?

8 Barbara Keal
We need to look after our history, Friargate Bridge belongs to the people of Derby.

7 Christopher Bentley
I seem to remember back in the late 1980s/early 1990s suggesting that Friar Gate Bridge would make a fitting part of a
light rail system for the city, as opposed to part of the Inner Ring Road, as others were (incredibly!) suggesting. Now that
Derby City Council are mooting the idea of a bus route along that alignment a refurbishment of the bridge would go
hand-in-hand with such a scheme to extend the route into the City Centre.

6 Andy Savage
The City of Derby has been changing very rapidly in recent years, we are seeing an unprecedented amount of
investment in all areas, So I think its a real shame that this ornate bridge has been allowed
to get into the current state of disrepair.
I would like to see restoration starting to take place in 2008, NOT in 5 or 10 years time when its too late.
Friar Gate Railway Bridge deserves some serious attention NOW.
Please restore this bridge now so that everyone can enjoy it.

5 Graeme Walker
A year ago I walked under the bridge a commented that it was in need of repainting,
at least. Now it needs restoration. Derby City Council has no interest in the city's heritage.

4 Nick Williamson
I heartily agree the bridge should be restored because of the above-mentioned industrial reasons. I would like to offer
another reason: people. This bridge forms an important memory for many individuals over many years. My Grandfather
used it when on leave from national service over fifty years ago. The bridge would have been many peoples first and last
impression of our city. If the bridge is restored under this Mickleover-City bus lane scheme then great, but I will gladly
help if it is not.

3 Alan Gifford
I have always known the bridge in Friargare , from being a child 70 years ago when I used the station to go to 'the
seaside'. It is part of Derby's Herititage and to allow it to detriorate as is presently happening is nothing short of criminal.
My close support for our heritiage has helped bring about the restoration of Heage Windmill. Why cannot we restore this
beautiful feature of Derby?

2 Christopher Harris
This bridge not only forms an aesthetically pleasing central point of focus for Friar Gate but it is a symbol of Derby's
industrial heritage, reminding us of the part our city played in the Industrial Revolution. The bridge also highlights the
city's railway heritage that placed Derby as a centre of commerce during the bridge's heyday of the late 19th century.

1 Geoffrey Alcock
My involvement is a continuation of the Frairgate Action Group who fought in the 1970's to get the bridge saved and
eventually restored.

© Andy Savage ©