Derby and Derbyshire Photographic Wallpapers.
So What is a Desktop Wallpaper?

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What Is Desktop Wallpaper?

Desktop wallpaper is the image that appears on your computer screen behind all of your icons and windows (see example below). Every computer comes with some choices built in.

Desktop wallpaper is not to be confused with a screensaver. A screensaver activates after a computer is left idle for a period of time. It covers the entire desktop (including icons and menu bars) with movable images or other screen effects. The moving images prevent any stationary images located on your desktop display (like icons or menu bars) from appearing on the screen too long and thus causing "burn-in."

Desktop Wallpaper Example . . .
Example of a Desktop Wallpaper on Windows XP.
Here to the left is an example of a Desktop Wallpaper (shown half the original size so it fits onto this page).
Notice how the blue sky and the grass shows through the surrounding icons.

This is one of the standard pictures that comes with Windows XP.
If you have not altered anything on your Windows XP PC then it will probably still have this picture as your desktop wallpaper.

My page of wallpapers will allow you to replace this boring picture with one of many photographs which I have taken of Derby and Derbyshire.
So now there's no excuse for having a boring standard background like everyone else !

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