Previews of the 'Broadband Enhanced' section
Broadband Enhanced is coming to this site in July, here are some demos of what will be on it.
Featuring a high resolution 360 vr photo of the Golden Gates at Elvaston Castle (taken Feb 20th 2004)
The gates were brought from the Palace of Versailles by Charles Stanhope, the 3rd Earl of Harrington in 1819.
Also featuring a high resolution fullscreen photo.

Please read all of the text below before continuing.

If you meet the following criteria then you may take a
sneak preview of a broadband Enhanced presentation below.

The Criteria which you should meet are as follows :

1 - A broadband Internet connection of 256Kbps or higher.

2 - A current screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768
*see note 1 at bottom

To get the best view you should use Microsoft Browser as this supports full-screen mode. If you are using any other brand of browser then you will need to use a higher screen resolution than 1024x768.

*see note 2 at bottom

A reasonable spec of PC is advised (1.2GHz or faster)

If you meet the above requirements, click on the thumbnail image below. This will make a
full screen window open into which a high-resolution 360 VR photo will load.
(takes around 15 sec's on 512Kbps connection). Once loaded, use mouse to drag view point.

Important :
Don't forget ALT F4 to quit !!!!
Press ALT F4 to quit the full screen viewer or wait 3 min's for it to auto-close.

Full screen photo viewer previews
Here is a demo of my broadband enhanced high resolution photo viewer.

The 1st photo was taken at Elvaston Castle Steam Rally, Derbyshire on Sunday 4th July 2004.
The 2nd photo was taken from the top of Repton Church on Friday 2nd July 2004
If you have a screen resolution of 1024x768 and are using Microsoft Internet explorer
then you will be seeing the photo at its best !
Just click on a thumbnail below to view the full-screen version. Once you have finished viewing the
large photo just click anywhere on the photo to close the viewer or wait 60 seconds.

*note 1 - The presentation is optimized to make maximum use of a 1024x768 screen size when used in conjunction with Microsoft Internet Explorer.
If you view at a higher screen resolution than this, then the visual impact will be reduced!
*note 2 - Microsoft browser is the ONLY one which supports Kiosk mode (full-screen mode), If you use another brand of browser then you will need a
higher screen resolution to allow for the extra space taken up by icons/scrollbars/window controls etc.

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