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Sledging map for Derby, enjoy the snow before its gone.

The complete 2018 Derby Sledging Guide.
On here you will find out how to make the most of the snow in Derby. Including Local Weather Forcasts, Live local Webcams, Detailed interactive Sledging Location Map, Smartphone mapping drop pins, Where to buy a sledge, Derby snow photographs, Videos of people sledging in Derby.

Weather Forcasts :
Get to know when its snowing, where and how much snow can we expect.


UK Snow Map :

This mashup map shows you where in the UK its actually snowing based on people submitting Tweets via Twitter. So this is sometimes better than a weather forecast because its
based on actual reports of snow in these locations.
It has a settings panel which you can use to change things such as the icons used, how many hours to show the tweet information for.

This app searches Twitter for real-time snow reports and displays them on the map of the UK.
Tweet the hashtag #uksnow, your location (postcode, town name or geotag your tweet),
and rate the snow that is falling out of ten (0/10 for nothing - 10/10 for a blizzard).
You can also include the depth of snow (cm or inches), attach a photo and add a description to your tweet. This map is only as good as the tweets feeding it !

BBC Radio Derby :
On the right side of this page is a "Forecast Video", simply click on the Play button on the video and it will play the latest video forecast from East Midlands Today.
Also on this page is a 5 Day Forcast and a 24 Hour forcast.

Derby Evening Telegraph website:

Snow Webcams :
Why not have a look for yourself to see if its snowing!

Is it snowing right now in Derbyshire?, check out the live webcams to see. I have a dedicated Derby and Derbyshire Web cams feature which allows you to take a look at many webcams around the City and the county. Some of the webcams offer streaming video so you can even see the flakes of snow fall from the sky.
This is probably the best way to confirm that its snowing rather than trust a weather forecaster !

Derby and Derbyshire Webcams. <-- Click to view my loca webcams feature.

Also check out the nearby county of Staffordshire to see if they have worse snow than us.

Staffordshire Webcams.

If I have missed any local webcams of my lists please let me know using the contact link top right of this page.

Derby Sledging Map :
Interactive map showing the best places in Derby to take your sledge. Use the + - buttons to zoom in and out, click on the markers for details about the sledging area. If you would like to print out my Derby Sledging Map then just click the link directly below the map, you can then also use it to get driving routes etc from your location to the sledging slope.

Lower down this page you will find photographs and videos of these sledging areas.

If you think you know a good place to go sledging in Derby then please let me know the location and some details about it using the contact link top right of this page and I will add it to this map so others can check it out.



View Best places to Sledge in Derby, the locations mapped out. in a larger map

Smartphone Push Pin locations:
If you own a smartphone (iPhone, HTC, iPad etc) then here I have provided a set of push pin mapping locators for you.
If you are viewing this webpage on your smartphone click on one of the links below and it will open up your mapping application and place a drop pin onto the map in the precise location of the sledging area. You can then click on that push pin and plan your route (walking or driving) to the sledging area.

Darley Park Sledging area.

Allestree Park Sledging area 2.


Where to buy a sledge:
Buying a sledge is not as easy as buying most things as its such a brief seasonal thing that shops can't really keep them in stock.

Some Derby shops where I have seen sledges for sale in the past :
PLEASE get in touch with any shops that you know have sledges for sale and I will add them to this list.

ASDA sinfin
Seen lots of different sledges for sale
on 16th January 2013 @ 8:30pm.

Park Farm Shopping Centre
Allestree, Derby
sledges for sale seen December 4th 2011 for 9

Costco, Pride Park
Snowboards for sale seen November 26th 2011

Co-op Department Store
Exchange Street, Derby, Derbyshire DE1 2DU
Tel: 01332 340230

Discount 2000
6-8 Stenson Road, Derby, Derbyshire DE23 1JA
Tel: 01332 749557

If you cant find a shop that has any sledges left then online shopping is always a good idea as they tend to have lot of choices of designs etc.
Check out Sledges on Amazon loads of choice on here everything from plastic sledges to fancy wooden sledges that are built to last.

These sledges were for sale at Wilkos, Park Farm, Derby
on 12th January 2012.
  These sledges were on sale as ADSA Sinfin in December 2011
They had two types of sledge one for 10 and a deluxe model (below) for 15.
Sledge for sale in Wilkos   Sledge for sale in ASDA 
    Sledge for sale in ASDA 2 
Photographs of people sledging in Derby:
Here area few photographs I have taken of people sledging in Derby and of snowy scenes around Derby.
Sledging at Allestree Park, Derby    Crisp winter morning at Rykneld Rec, Derby 
Videos of people sledging in Derby:
Here you will be able to see what Derby's sledging areas are actually like.
If you have made a video of sledging in Derby then please get in touch and I may add it to this page, lots of people will see your video then!

Video of Sledging in Allestree Park, Derby, Derbyshire in January 2010

Sledging in Darley Park, Derby, Derbyshire in January 2010
School Closures
This service is provided by the BBC and features an up to date list of all schools in the area that are closed due to bad weather. This is ONLY updated during bad winter weather.
Derby and Derbyshire School closures.
Also worth keeping BBC Radio Derby on so you can get the latest info.
Derby Gritting map - Will my road be gritted?
If you were wondering which roads Derby City Council are going to be gritting then you can have a look at their interactive map to see.

Click this : Derby City Council Gritting Map.
Then in the left menu click on the + nect to the "Transport and Streets" title, this will show a sub menu of
"Derby City Maintained Winter Gritting Routes" Click in the option box to the left of that so it shows a tick.
When you do that you should see blue lines appear on the map. These are the roads that will be gritted. you can zoom in and out and move the map around.
As you can see its only the main roads and bus routes that get gritted, not side streets !


Andy Savage www.derbyphotos.co.uk