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Your guide to - Friar Gate Railway Bridge.

In order to provide very accurate location details of a Handyside item you have found, follow my simple guide below. Don't worry it really is very easy to follow.
1) Open the following website - Mapping page.
When you click the link it will open it in a new window so you can still refer to this page.

It will show you a simple map as you can see here in my screen grab.

Where it says "Centre map at:" type in a rough location for the item you have found by Andrew Handyside and click the "Search" button.
2) When you click search it should hopefully find the location.
Now to make locating more accurate click the "Hybrid" button so it shows a Satellite view as per my screen grab here.
3) You can now use the mouse to click and move the map view around until you find the area you are looking for

Use the zoom button "+" on the left side of the map to zoom in closer. By using a combination of zooming in and dragging around you may be able to see the actual item you are looking for (for example if its a Handyside Post box). If its a bridge then there should be no problem seeing it!
4) Once you have zoomed in enough so you are happy that you have found the item. Click on the map and a green marker will show on the map like on my screen grab here. You will notice that at the same time as the green marker appeared some numbers also appeared in the Latitude/Longtitude area to the right.

You can move this green marker using the mouse.
Drag and drop the green marker so its on top of the Handyside item you want to refer to.
In this example I have placed the green marker right on top of a Handyside post box outside Bankhall railway station.

You can move the green marker as many times as you want until you are 100% happy. The numbers in the Latitude and Longtitude area relate to the green marker you have dropped and its these numbers I need.


6) Highlight the number in the Latitiude section with the mouse then right-click and select Copy as per my screen grab here.

Of course you can use Control A to highlight the whole number and Control C to copy it.
6) Goto my "contact page" by clicking here. This will open in a new window.
Click the "click here to make contact" button and fill in your details.

Set the Type of Query to "8. Andrew Handyside and Friar Gate bridge"

Right-click in the "Your message" and select "Paste" to paste in the Latitude number that you copied from the map position.

Repeat the copy and paste sequence for the Longtitude number.
You can use Control V to paste in the number.

Once you have filled in all the details such as my screen grab click "Send message".

If possible please take a photograph of the Handyside item you are telling me about and upload it to your Flickr, geograph, panoramio account. If you do not have any way of uploading your photograph then please get in touch for more info.
If you have added your photograph to a Flickr account and provided me with a link to it then I can link to your photograph from my Andrew Handyside map.

Please add your Handyside photographs to the Flickr Group :

Andrew Handyside and Company of Derby and London.



This page can also be found by the 'easy to remember' web address of www.derbyphotos.co.uk/bridge



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