About Broadband Enhanced
This section of the site is designed exclusivly for people with broadband internet connections
speeds of 256Kbs and higher. The presentations REQUIRE broadband to work correctly.

• Derby is a City in the County of Derbyshire in England.
The ‘Broadband Enhanced’ section of www.derbyphotos.co.uk is a superior selection of photographic presentations by local amateur photographer and website designer Andy Savage.
The vast web site you see today is the result of literally thousands of hours of work put in by myself over the years. This time includes everything from taking photographs, creating the web pages, maintaining and updating the site to answering the numerous e-mails I receive. The site concentrates on the city of Derby but has ever-expanding coverage of many Derbyshire locations, each village, Hamlet or parish is detailed with images and historical notes.

The ‘Broadband Enhanced’ section of the site is an extension to the main site. It allows me to show much better quality presentations, the likes of which are simply not possible via a dialup connection.
Even though the Broadband Enhanced Pages are designed for users with broadband Internet, they will still be optimised for quick download times, It is not my intention to needlessly waste bandwidth for the sake of it.

I must point out that I will continue to devote my main site to dialup users as most people are still on dialup connections. I will not be abandoning the rest of the site in favour of broadband users.
Having broadband myself I have realised the potential, which it offers.
By having a completely separate section devoted to broadband users it allows me to create things just for those people that can appreciate it rather than making people with dialup connections suffer from slow downloads on all pages.

Over time I will keep adding to the Broadband Enhanced section of www.derbyphotos.co.uk, making it better and better. I have numerous ideas and plans for this section.
Aside from having a broadband Internet connection, To get the most out of the enhanced section you should also have a reasonable specification of computer.
By this I mean one which is running at 1GHz or faster.
A screen resolution of 1024x768 pixels is the optimum size for viewing this section. Please do not view anything at 800x600 resolution as you will not be able to see all of the image. A video card with plenty of ram is advisable as the 360 images are quite demanding on the system.

Most people use Microsoft Internet Explorer, and for this reason I have optimised my presentations for this browser. Microsoft Internet Explorer also has a unique feature called ‘Kiosk Mode’ which no other browser offers. Kiosk mode allows you to open a web page so that it fills the entire screen, i.e. every last pixel including the task bar area.
Some of the presentations in this section use kiosk mode as it gives me more room to show the images and also makes them look better as the photos are free from clutter such as icons and scrollbars. If you insist on using a different browser then you will not get the best out of my broadband enhanced section. Also you may need to use a higher screen resolution that 1024x768 as valuable screen space will be lost to icons, title bars and scrollbars.

A point to note is that if you click on something and your whole screen goes black but nothing seems to load in, this is due to heavy traffic on the server which may mean you will be left with a blank screen. If you find this situation occurs to you don’t panic! All you have to do is press (and keep held) the Alt key then press F4 to close the failed kiosk mode window.
The Alt key is located on the bottom row of keys on the left side near the spacebar. The F4 key is located on the top row of your keyboard.
A lot of the pages feature Macromedia Flash images, I assume that everyone has the free flash player installed as it is pretty commonly used on sites these days. If you don’t have it, see the links on my Broadband Tips page to get it.

This section has been tested on a range of PC’s and found to be working ok, and even on a Macintosh !.
Please note that the downloadable .EXE files are not compatible with a Mac, they will only run on a PC
with Windows 95/98/ME,2000,XP.

All the pages in the enhanced section have links at the bottom of the page to allow you to get back to
either the Broadband Enhanced main index or the main index of www.derbyphotos.co.uk, so you should
never get lost on the site.
All pages are distinctive as 'broadband enhanced' with a running theme of background image
and “BBE spinner” logo in the top left of the page.

Please do not link directly to ANY page or sub-page on the enhanced section from any other site as due to
the high bandwidth usage required anyone visiting using a 56K modem will wonder why its so slow.
You MAY link to the Broadband Enhanced gateway page but make it clear to anyone that they must
have broadband to enter the section.

Now you have read this, feel free to take a good look around the Broadband Enhanced section.

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