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Photographs of Willington, Derbyshire, England

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Willington, This is located in Derbyshire.

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• Photos of Willington, Derby, England.
Willington is located on the A5132 West of Twyford.
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Photo Description : Willington Power station
Image Reference No. : DP-230801WILLINGTON-01
Date photo taken : 23rd August 2001
Other Information : This is Willington Power station which was shut down in March 1999. The two 425 foot towers on the left of this photo were demolished 11am on 3rd October 2001.
This power station was built in 1956
Photo Description : The Forty Trunks tree.
Image Reference No. : DP-231001WILLINGTON-02
Date photo taken : 23rd October 2001
Other Information : This Cedar tree known locally as Forty Trunks stands at the entrance to what was Potlock farm near Willington. It is protected as being of 'special interest'. There is another of these trees located in the field here.
Photo Description : Coughing Sheep
Image Reference No. : DP-231001WILLINGTON-03
Date photo taken : 23rd October 2001
Other Information : Not a Willington specific thing but this lovely Sheep was in a field directly opposite Forty Trunks. While I was photographing the tree several of them were coughing, Something that I have never seen before from Sheep!
Photo Description : Willington village view
Image Reference No. : DP-231001WILLINGTON-04
Date photo taken : 23rd October 2001
Other Information : This is where Repton road meets Twyford road

Photo Description : The Green Man pub
Image Reference No. : DP-231001WILLINGTON-05
Date photo taken : 23rd October 2001
Other Information : The Green Man pub.
Photo Description : The Rising Sun pub
Image Reference No. : DP-231001WILLINGTON-06
Date photo taken : 23rd October 2001
Other Information : This is the Rising Sun pub on Twyford road.
Photo Description : The Trent & Mersey Canal
Image Reference No. : DP-271001WILLINGTON-07
Date photo taken : 27th October 2001
Other Information : Here we see the Trent & Mersey canal with a boat turning, the Cooling towers of Willington power station in the background.
Photo Description : The Trent & Mersey Canal 2
Image Reference No. : DP-160903WILLINGTON-11
Date photo taken : 16th Septermber 2003
Other Information : This is the T&M canal viewed from the road bridge.
Photo Description : Willington Brook on Repton road.
Image Reference No. : DP-231001WILLINGTON-08
Date photo taken : 23rd October 2001
Other Information : This nice looking brook flows in front of many of the houses on Repton Road.
Photo Description : Saint Michael's Parish church
Image Reference No. : DP-231001WILLINGTON-09
Date photo taken : 23rd October 2001
Other Information : This is Saint Michael's church, The south doorway is Norman. The north transept dates from 1824.

The history of Willington Bridge

Until 1839 the only way of crossing the river Trent between Willington and Repton was by ferry or by using an ancient ford which was at the end of nearby ferry green. The nearest existing bridges were at Swarkestone and in Burton upon Trent.
A local group of dignitaries pressed for a bridge to be built and in 1835 permission was granted by act of Parliament, to construct a toll bridge between the distinguished engineer of the time, James Trubshaw Esq.
At a total cost of £10,560 the opening ceremony took place on August 7th 1839.
As the nineteenth century drew to a close pressure mounted to free the bridge from what was seen as an iniquitous toll. After much local effort the 'freedom of the bridge' was finally purchased from the bridge trust, largely as a result from local subscription. The bridge then passed into the control of Derbyshire County Council.

August 1st 1898 was a day of celebration, and a procession between the two villages, followed by a feast in Repton, Marked this great day.
The bridge has not changed significantly over the past 100 years and it is now a grade 2 listed structure.

The centenary of its freeing from toll was celebrated by the two villages on August 1st 1998.

The above text is from a plaque situated at the Willington end of the bridge, on the site of the original Toll house.

Photo Description : Willington Bridge
Image Reference No. : DP-270102WILLINGTON-10
Date photo taken : 27th January 2002
Other Information : This is Willington Bridge with the River Trent in flood.

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