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Photographs of Horsley Woodhouse in Derbyshire, England

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Horsley Woodhouse. This is located in Derbyshire.

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• Photos of Horsley Woodhouse, Derbyshire, England
Horsley Woodhouse village is located about a mile north east of Horsley on the Belper-Heanor road (A609). There are only three roads into Horsley Woodhouse, Main street to the west leading to Kilburn, Church Lane to the east leading to Smalley and Wood Lane to the south.
Most of the village is clustered around the main street, farmland surrounds the village. Gypsy Brook runs south of Horsley Woodhouse village. Horsley Woodhouse primary school is located on Church Lane opposite Calladine Avenue.

The tales of Ossly Woodus told by lifelong resident Harold Bacon are now preserved on a Derbyshire dialect record called Ey up mi duck!. If you are a true Derbian then you more than likely have heard of this book.

Horsley Woodhouse has four pubs, these are The Jolly Colliers, The Knife and steel, the Old Oak and the Sitwell Arms. The first three pubs are located on Main street where as the Sitwell Arms is on Wood Lane.

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Photo Description : Village shop and post office
Image Reference No. : DP-200603HORSW-01
Date photo taken : 20th June 2003
Other Information : This is the village shop and also the post office for the village of Horsley Woodhouse.

Photo Description : The School house
Image Reference No. : DP-200603HORSW-02
Date photo taken : 20th June 2003
Photo Description : St Susanna's Church
Image Reference No. : DP-200603HORSW-03
Date photo taken : 20th June 2003

Photo Description : The Jolly Colliers pub
Image Reference No. : DP-200603HORSW-04
Date photo taken : 20th June 2003
Other Information : This is the Jolly Colliers located at 27 Main Street, Horsley Woodhouse.

Photo Description : Chapel
Image Reference No. : DP-200603HORSW-05
Date photo taken : 20th June 2003

The millennium wall in Horsley Woodhouse was unveiled on Saturday 9th December 2000 by the Right Reverend Jonathan S. Bailey Lord Bishop of Derby. The structure was commissioned by Horsley Woodhouse Parish Council and erected on October 2000 to celebrate both the Millennium and the 100th birthday of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother which occurred on 4th August 2000 also to preserve part of the village's heritage.

The stone was gifted by Saint Susanna's Parochial Church Council and decorative stonewark originally formed two windows, one in the end gable and one in the south wall of the Church Hall Sitwell Room prior to its refurbishment.

The church hall was built in 1869 by Squire Wilmot-Sitwell of Stainsby Hall and was the second school in the Parish until the opening of the present school ion 1913.

Most of the original stone was re-used in the re-building, but the original windows were not included in the redesigned Church Hall and now form part of this commemorative wall which also includes the base plinth and is capped with the parapet stones. The stone originated from local quarries at Coxbench and some infill matching stone used here, from Rugely.
Photo Description : The Millennium Wall
Image Reference No. : DP-200603HORSW-06
Date photo taken : 20th June 2003

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