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Photographs of Egginton, Derbyshire, England

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Egginton, This is located in Derbyshire.

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• Photos of Egginton, Derbyshire, England.
4 miles from Burton, A quiet village well removed from the main A514 road. It sold its church bells in the 14th century to repair Monks Bridge.

Egginton lies 4 miles north-east of Burton-on-Trent and 8 miles south west of Derby off the A5132 road. The village is almost surrounded by water as the Egginton and Hilton Brooks, the River Dove and the River Trent all flow close by. The River Dove which separates Egginton from Staffordshire is spanned by two bridges, the mainly preserved medieval Monk's Bridge and Brindley's twelve arched aqueduct completed around 1777 to carry the Trent and Mersey Canal across the river. These bridges are now separated from the village by the A38 dual carriageway.

Landowners of Egginton have included the families of Chandos & Pole, Leigh, Tymmore, Mosley and Every. Descendants of the latter are still connected with the village. The Georgian Hall, which replaced two previous manors, was itself demolished in 1955. Since Simon Every of Somerset married the heiress Anne Leigh, the Everys owned most of the village of Egginton, but in 1940, owing to financial problems, the properties were sold and are now virtually all owner-occupied.

A brief moment of fame came in 1644 when a Royalist force was defeated by Cromwells force in the Battle Of Egginton Heath. Things are much quieter now.

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Photo Description : Renovated cottages
Image Reference No. : DP-250404EGGIN-01
Date photo taken : 3rd March 2002
Other Information : This is Cherry Tree Cottage, with the Cherry trees in full bloom. This is located on Fish Pond Lane.
Photo Description : The village hall and Primary school.
Image Reference No. : DP-030302EGGIN-02
Date photo taken : 3rd March 2002
Other Information : This is Eggington village primary school which doubles up as a parish hall in the evenings. It was built in 1857
Photo Description : St Wilfrid's church
Image Reference No. : DP-250404EGGIN-03
Date photo taken : 3rd March 2002
Other Information : This is
the Parish church of Saint Wilfrid, Egginton. This Church dates from around the year 1300 and built on the site of an earlier church. It has a low west tower with bell openings and contains some original stained glass as well as many monuments to the Every and Moseley families.

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